Nail Art Sunday!

It’s been 3 weeks so here is the newest design! 

This week’s nail design inspiration came from Pinterest (basically, all my inspiration comes from Pinterest!)

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Isn’t it beautiful!? For those who have been following my blog for a while, now that I had something similar done while I was living in Korea.

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My manicurist thought that having two gems on my little nails would look too cluttered so we went with just one (plus it was cheaper). And of course, being the girly-girl that I am, I also went with pink instead of the white.

When I ordered my new polishes back in January, I knew that I wanted to be able to recreate this look so I made sure that I picked out a pink, a glitter pink, and a silver glitter just in case I wanted to recreate it in white/silver as well.

Today I decided to test out my own skills on making this happen! I decided to stick more with the original picture. The only problem was what do I do with my thumb? It’s not shown in the picture (which I hate! 95% of nail pictures never show the thumb! Let me see the thumbs people!) so I decided to make it pink, which meant that I would have 3 solids and 2 glitters on each hand.

Like always, first is the basecoat and into the light for 120 seconds.

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Give your nails a quick clean with rubbing alcohol.

Then onto the colours:

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For those who are curious: I ended up doing two coats of glitter, and three coats of the solid pink. The glitter I applied very thick to make sure I got the saturation of the sparkles that I wanted, so the extra time under the light was probably helpful. But even with it being super thick, 120 seconds was more than enough time to have it set.

Once you are happy with your colour, apply your top coat. Once it has come out from under the light, take another pass over your nails with alcohol – yes we do this every time! Otherwise, your nails will feel sticky.

Then I just applied rhinestones to each solid pink nail, and voila! The finished product:

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

I think when I do this again, or anytime I want to use this glitter pink, I will have to put down a base colour first. As you can see if worked out just fine, but maybe a thin layer of white or something underneath would allow the glitter to really pop.

I did settle on just one gem per nail again. I really like how it looks, but also the glue that I have doesn’t seem to last very long so I didn’t want to waste the gems. The next time I’m at a mall, I will have to go into The Face Shop and see if they have any proper Korean glue for the stones. When I got this design in Korea all the gems stayed on for two full weeks and had to be literally scrapped off my nail with the polish.

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