It’s Christmas!!

I got my nail polish delivery!! 

A few weeks ago I picked out 12 new colours of gel polish from Amazon and had them shipped to me. It was part of my Christmas present from my brother – who, for the record, has not been as enthusiastic over this delivery as I have. They arrived on Monday when no one was home, so the post office left a tag saying that I needed to go and pick it up. So I went, and I got it, and I. Am. So. EXCITED!

First of all, when I opened the package, it was packed in this adorableness:

Image may contain: food

Look at how cute the new bottles look in their little spaces. AND since the lid doubles as more spaces, I can put in the 7 bottles I already have (5 colours, base and top coat), if I want to organise them like that.

This morning, I had the time to actually look at all the colours:

No automatic alt text available.

Ooooo yes! Love them!! Look at the bottle in the front row, 2nd from the right. Looking at the bottle, it looked like a really weird colour, but it had the number for the “yellow” that I ordered. When you open the bottle up, it does look more yellow than from the outside. It also is way more neon than I was expecting. Maybe if I mix it with some white I can get the colour I originally wanted.

I did take the colours out to make a colour swatch for ya’ll.

No automatic alt text available.

So my colours (for those interested):

1474 – yellow
1348 – black
1884 – glitter pink
1441 – grey
1408 – pink
1439 – deep sky blue
1024 – dark violet
1853 – glitter silver
1555 – spring green
1467 – mint green
1417 – plum
1332 – orange red

This weekend I’ll be taking the glitter pink and regular pink to re-create one of my favourite manicures from when I was in Korea.

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

I hope that it works out well. The glue that I have for gems doesn’t seem to hold and the gems fall off really quickly. I might have to take a trip to a mall to a store that sells Korean cosmetics to see if they have any glue that is better. The stuff I have now is for sticking on fake nails so you’d think that it would adhere better.

Eventually, I think I will need to invest in something like this:

Related image

That way I can just number all the bottles and use this thing to identify the colours.

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