A Sleepless night Update

I survived Wednesday and Thursday! And now it is my day off. 

When I last posted, it was 3 am Thursday morning. I closed my iPad and wriggled down into the little make-shift bed I had on the couch and closed my eyes. They were burning since I was finally tired. It took a little bit to fall asleep, but I’m sure I slept for about an hour. Then checked on a few more things, and went back to sleep. This time only for about 30 minutes. I awoke at 5, looked out the living room window and realised I was still the only person over 18 in the house. My heart sank. I really just wanted to go home!

I was so overtired at this point but I was feeling nauseous. The family dog found me in the living room and needed outside. I took the opportunity to make some toast and tea. After going home sick on Tuesday, the last thing I needed was to be sick at work on Wednesday (well now Thursday morning). As I was in the kitchen being as quiet as possible, one of the students popped her head out of her hallway door “Oh!! You are up early!” she says. But so was she HAHA it’s 5:30! She is a new student, from China, and only arrived last Friday evening. I think she’s still transitioning around her jet lag. She even offered me some coffee but I declined. Peppermint tea is the best thing for my upset stomach!

I took a quick walk upstairs just to check on the kidlets. Everyone was still sleeping. Have you ever watched kids sleep? Oh my goodness, it was hilarious!! I was upstairs until about 1:30 and just watching 3rd and 4th flip around and contort into these crazy sleeping positions was hilarious! I don’t know how they were comfortable.

I laid back down on the sofa but I knew I wasn’t going to get any sleep, but I closed my eyes anyways. I heard someone come downstairs at around 6. I made a guess as I put on my glasses “1st?” and her little head popped around the corner. “what are you doing up? go back to sleep!” she didn’t go to bed until at least 2.

I then sent a text to the parents one more time. I know that they were in the hospital dealing with things but I really needed to go home and sleep. Less than 5 minutes later the house phone rings! It was the pharmacy looking for my employer so I knew two things: she had been discharged (YES!) and they were on their way home. I got a text a few minutes later saying they would be 5-10 minutes since they were already at the guest house. I was walking out of the main house on my way home at 6:40.

For all those who were asking: yes I did get some sleep after that! I got home at 7 and woke up naturally at 9:30. This was good since I had some errands I was planning on running Thursday morning and was glad I could still do them. Plus I had to add on going to a local Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up a package that Canada Post had tried to deliver but no one was home. I knew this was my new shipment of nail polish and I was SOO excited!!

I got home at noon and had lunch, which was soup and a sandwich from Tim’s. I didn’t know that it was Roll Up season again until Wednesday when I ran into a Tim’s to just grab a bagel at like 1:30 in the afternoon since I hadn’t had lunch before going to help my employer. I actually won on my cup on Thursday! A free coffee!! WOOOO

Then another nap after lunch. Renos are still happening upstairs even though the landlord is back to work, and they were using power saws and hammers and everything. I forced myself to lay down and close my eyes. I had a two-hour window set aside for more sleep, and I actually fell asleep with all that noise! Slept for about another hour which was just enough to get me back into a good energy mode by 4 pm so that I could work from 4:30-8:30.

My little four hours there went by quickly! The kidlets all have piano so that was good and no one had homework (which is even better!). I told 4th that I had made her bed late last night since she was sleeping in her parents’ bed and that I was going to sleep in it but it squeaks too much and I didn’t want to wake up 2nd (they share a room). 4th told me that I am formally allowed to sleep in her bed the next time I sleep over, but I have to write her a note (after or before I’m not sure which one? She didn’t clarify haha!)

And then I actually got some one on one time with 3rd! It was awesome! Now that I have driven the mini-van, my employer lets me run errands. I guess being able to navigate downtown Toronto at 2 pm while being stressed out was good enough for her haha. So I took 3rd with me to return a library book. He picked out a show to borrow from the library and then a little treat from the dollar store. He could have picked anything but he chose to buy candy for a friend’s little brother. It was this little boy’s birthday. How sweet!!

3rd gave me directions on where to park, and walking to the door he said that “wow this is kind of creepy back here, what happens is someone attacks us?” “oh, I’d take them out!” He just giggled at the thought of me beating anyone up but I made sure to make my voice a little more serious “Seriously 3rd, if someone tried to hurt you, I wouldn’t let them” Our walk back to the car consisted of him making up this wild story about how I’d been attacked trying to save him and then kidnapped (I told him if I was attacked he needed to take the keys and lock himself in the van) and then the kidnappers were rubbing their faces all over the windows of the van, and then somehow he escaped from the van and was now in the mall getting the security guard telling them that someone had beat me up and kidnapped me. It was actually a pretty awesome story!

We made it back to the house just after 7 and then it was dinner. Dinner is always such a hassle because the kids don’t want to walk – but now I am a trusted driver so we got to drive! Oo it made my life so much easier!! As soon as the slow pokes heard I was driving and saw the keys in my hands they went from snail speed to turtle speed and we got out of there in only like 20 minutes (yeah it takes 4 kids over 20 minutes to put on their coats and boots and get to the car…I can get a whole kindergarten class ready by myself in 10…)

I offered to stay to help the mom get the kids back into bed but she was fine with me going at 8:30. Which was nice. I got home, read a little and had the greatest sleep I have had in a very long time! Which of course resulted in being able to write such a LONG post. Later today – a post on my new nail polish colours!! hehehehe


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