I have a very suspicious feelng that I wont be posting at a more appropriate hour today.

As I start to type this out, its 2:44am. I am still at work. While Tuesday I lost 4 hours, I am more than making up for it now.

My employer called me at 11:45 saying she wasnt feeling well and asked if I could drive lunch over to the three youngest kids. I said sure no problem. I was in the middle of making my own lunch so that got put into the fridge and I left. I got to the house to a much more dire situation.

Basically what happened was my employer had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance and Ive been running things ever since. I got the lunches to the school. By the time I got back she was gone. Then I took the cook/house cleaner over to the grocery store to pick up dinner supplies. Then I took my employers sister to the hospital to be with her. In downtown Toronto. My first time ever driving a mini van. Her husband would be joining her later. I got home in time to put away the dishes in the sink and then off to get the three youngest from school. Got home and the oldest promptly told her siblings that their mother was in the hospital when I had just said she had to go to the doctors.

Then it was homework and dinner. Thankfully having the van meant we could drive to dinner. But the eldest decided that I didnt exist today and would not talk or look at me. I asked one of the International students to keep an ear out for her and took the other three to dinner. She was just sitting at the computer using the phone for three hours straight so I knew she wouldn’t be a problem. We couldnt get any updates from the hospital but hey…not her problem…

then bedtime. It went actually really well. I praised the three for being super awesome and told them how much i appreciate their cooperation all day. The dad calls around bed time to check in. Mom is ok they are just waiting for an ultrasound result and then some options and hed be home late.

1am the oldest still is awake, refusing to go to sleep, calling her aunt at the hospital, just redialing until someone picks up. I asked her to ask when her dad might be home she says “T wants to know if she can go home” instead. But i did get the ok to grab some soft place and sleep. I was super exhausted and thought about sleeping in thh youngest’s bed since she was in her parents bed, but took myself down to the sofa in the living room instead. Once i got settled with a blanket and pillow i realised i had the choice to sleep in doris or take her off. I didnt want to take her off so i just positioned her  nicely and tried to sleep. But then my body decided it was wide awake.

So here i sit…3am now…still waiting and still awake. I was told an estimate of 3-4am so im hoping i can go soon. I just want my own bed and to be out of my clothes. Of course i will be back at 2:30 because i work later today…but thankfully i have tomorrow (friday) off.

The last time i pulled an all nighter, was when i was working at tims. I worked 230-11 and then the 11-7 person never showed up. I was there until 6 when a girl came in ealry so i could go home. Ooo the joys of being a manager. I didnt even remember driving home that morning.

Good thing i had my mini power supply today. Recharging my ipad and phone while i type this out.

Oooo hello 3:10. Its not nice to see you.


14 thoughts on “2:44am

    • I got a little bit! A little over an hour at the house, 2 hours this morning, another hour or so after lunch lol. I hope it (plus the copious amounts of caffeine i habe consumed) will get me through the 4 hours of work i have to do later haha


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