Hello, February!

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Thankfully, this morning I have awoken in a much better condition and have already told my boss that I will be able to go to work today. I might not have the same energy that I usually do, but at least I will be there. And I for sure don’t have the horrible, nasty, stomach flu that has been going around. One of 1st’s friend’s family had to be in the hospital hooked up to IV’s for three days. I didn’t want to have that and spread it to the family.

But today, there is another reason to be happy! It’s already February!! I can’t believe that January is all finished and we are moving on. I am excited for the new and exciting things that will happen over the next few months!

Just an update on AtoZ: I checked this morning and there is a new post up from the site’s admin! Apparently, there will be some new changes happening this year. Registration isn’t open yet, but there will be an announcement next week.

I guess I started a new and exciting thing this morning. While doing my regular morning routine of braiding my hair into two little pig-braids (what do you call pigtails that you braid?!) like I always do, one side wasn’t being cooperative. One of the strands was shorter than the rest, the braid kept unravelling, and it was super annoying. So I braided it only half way down, grabbed my kitchen scissors and just chopped it right off. As I stood in the mirror looking at the braid in one hand, and the other on my head…I knew I had to move forward. I chopped the other one off as well.

I know I have been threatening to do it for about a year now, but I can’t believe I actually did it. The back looks super choppy and not cool, but it’s under Doris so does that really matter? Speaking of Doris, she feels loose and off today. I know that’s just because I don’t have half a head of hair under her anymore. It will take a few days to get used to this new fit. I’m glad there are little tabs underneath so that I can make the netting inside smaller to fit my head better.

So moving forward I guess! Happy February everyone!


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