3rd’s Alone Time

I feel bad for 3rd sometimes, I feel like they get left out of a lot of special events. 

I’m sure you’ve noticed lately that many of my posts about work revolve around 2nd or 4th. Mostly 2nd I think. 1st is at the age now where she doesn’t need a nanny or a babysitter, and she is trying to be independent. I usually don’t have very much interaction with her except to argue with her about getting off the computer and telling her that mac and cheese is not a suitable after school snack. But that’s just the age she is at.

But 3rd, he never really gets too much attention here, and I’m starting to feel bad because he doesn’t get a lot of my attention at the house either. I’m usually doing girly things with 2nd and 4th. Like this weekend, for example, I took all my regular nail polish stuff to the main house and I did 2nd and 4th nails. 3rd doesn’t get to join in on that fun.

At Christmas, I brought all my paints and stamps and things for a day of Christmas card making. Actually, I brought it twice. I was told that 3rd liked to paint, but I guess the idea of doing it with a kitchen full of girls made him not want to?

At bedtime, I try to bring a book with me for story time. Since my hours have changed at work, I don’t get to read to the kids very much anymore (leaving at 8:30 is too early for bedtime stories), but when I do get to read, it’s in 2nd and 4th’s shared bedroom – which 3rd isn’t allowed into.

So I’ve started to make some changes for him. First of all, I re-downloaded checkers onto my iPad. He LOVES checkers! So we play, either on his real set or on my iPad a few times a week. It’s sad to say but he beats me every time. In the past two months, I’ve won twice…

When I am reading stories in the other bedroom, he is allowed to be in his bed with my iPad. He can play checkers against the computer or plants vs. zombies. It’s his own little special tablet time.

But today, it’s just going to be me and him! I’m actually kind of excited about it! 1st, 2nd, and 4th all have doctors appointments and a possible hair appointment, so my task for the day is to get 3rd from school and take him to karate. I was discussing the bus routes with his mom last night and then she said that I could probably drive!! WOOHOO! I’ve never driven their vehicles before, but the roads are good today, and the weather is supposed to stay nice all day too.

So I get to change up my regular Tuesday schedule. I usually do my arrival routine (dishes and laundry), get 1st from her bus, change all the bedding on the kid’s beds, start some laundry, make 1st dinner, and then take her to a confirmation class. But tonight, it’s just going to be bedding and then karate! And of course some one on one with 3rd. I hope we have a good time! He’s already turning into a really amazing young man and I’m excited to get to know a little bit more about him while we have our afternoon together.


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