Online Earning

I’ve been doing a little experiment over the last month to see what ways I could give my income a little bit of a boost. 

I was a little scared over Christmas because my hours at work were getting cut back. It wasn’t drastic, but it added up to about $120 a month, so I wanted to see if I could make a little extra money on the side by working online.

I read an article, something like 13 crazy ways Canadians can earn money online, and decided to check a few of the sites out.

First, let’s go over the not so great ones:


I thought that transcribing would be a great fit for me. While in university, I could often sit in a class and type whatever the professor was saying – usually word for word. I saved two different transcribing sites, the first was the easier sign up so I went with that one first.

Transcribe Me: They give you a guide book to read over to make sure that you fit their transcription style and then you have a test. First, you answer 10 questions (which you must get 100% on) and then you have to listen to three audio files. They give you two chances to get a passing grade on these audio files, but don’t tell you what that is. For some files, it seemed like it was 85%, and then for others, it was higher.

The first time I took the test, I only passed 1 audio file. Then I took it again. I passed two out of the three! But since I didn’t pass all three, I had to try again. So the next day, I went back at it, did the 10 questions, and then the audio files. First attempt 2/3, second attempt 2/3! At that point they say “oh well, too bad, so sad, thanks for trying out” and you’re done. They don’t tell you what you did wrong, though, so there is no way to fix your transcription mistakes.

I have saved another transcription website, but the application process takes about an hour and you can’t save your progress. With Transcribe Me, you can take as long as you need, come back to it, etc. But with Rev, you have to do it all in one sitting. I haven’t decided yet if I will try that one out or not.

Both of these sites pay per audio file – not the amount of time it takes you to transcribe it. The best thing about Transcribe Me is that the files are no longer than 2 minutes long. With Rev, it kind of seems like you could be getting super long files. But with Transcribe Me, your work is being spliced together with other audio clips to make up the full recording, so everything has to be exactly the same style.

Freelance Assistant:

I signed up to be a virtual assistant type person as well. I honestly can’t really tell you what it was all about since I submitted a profile for it, and after a few weeks still didn’t hear back from the website.

Scanning Groceries:

This website was a tad bit misleading. I was hoping that I could just download an app onto my phone and go from there. At first, you have to fill out a form giving a lot of non-descript personal information (the area you live in, the area of work you are in, yearly income, etc). They are trying to fit specific research data points so you might have to wait a little bit for a spot on their panel.

I signed up and about 2-3 weeks later I received an email saying that I was finally selected to be on their panel and that my welcome box would be arriving via post. It did arrive, although via a delivery system and not post. The people upstairs had to actually sign for the package. This kind of annoyed me – if I had known that was going to happen, I would have let them know ahead of time to just send the guy to my door.

I opened the package up and it has this weird looking scanner thing. The pamphlet inside says it has to be hooked up to a land line at all times, and plugged in. Well I don’t have a land line so I didn’t think that was going to work. And then there was this huge welcome package that came along with it, and it’s super involved. Like you just have to scan the barcodes but they want you to scan everything you are buying – even things like fast food, clothes, gas. Everything.

The good thing is that they include shipping lables to return the box if you want out of the program or if you need a new scanner. I’ll be sending mine back today because I just don’t have time for all of it. Plus the lack of a land line plug is a big problem.

This site doesn’t pay in actual money – but in reward points and prizes.

Okie dokie! Now onto the two good sites that I have found!!

People Per Hour:

This site is pretty awesome. You are a freelance worker, but you get to set up ads for whatever you are going to sell. These are called “hourlies” and you promote a service and a price for an hour’s worth of work. The site will help promote you as a new user, and you just have to have 2 projects completed within 4 months with a rating of 4 stars or higher. The first job I did, the buyer gave me 5 stars and a glowing review. It was awesome! All I had to do was edit 600 words for him – an advertisement for his cricket team’s website promoting registration for the 2017 season. It literally took me an hour.

The one good thing about this site is that you get paid actual money. When you accept a job, the buyer puts money into an “escrow” account. This money just sits there until you finish the job. When you are finished, you send the buyer an invoice and they will pay you. Although, make sure that you get the money into your escrow account before you start work. I had a buyer say that “yes I definitely need your services, I will put the money in on Monday” on a Saturday morning. Since it was a really big editing job, I started to work on it over the weekend (I had 5 days to finish it). Well it’s been about 3 weeks since then and I haven’t heard another word from this guy (I wrote about this project a while ago…) Thankfully all I did was run a grammar and spell check with my Microsoft Word program while I was waiting for the money to be transferred.

Online Surveys:

I joined this one survey panel online. It doesn’t pay you in money but in points. It has taken me about a month, but I now have $10 worth of points! Which means I can use that to get gift cards – Starbucks, Amazon, Pre-paid Visa cards, Paypal money, etc. While this site has a slower earning potential, I like it. I get emails from the site when new surveys are available and sometimes I just pop by and check the site out. If you start a survey, and a few questions in, it decides that you don’t fit the qualities needed or if too many people have already taken it, you still get a few reward points to add to your total. Then you always get to do this “poll prediction” thing. It asks you a question (Today’s was: Do you blame Yoko Ono for breaking up the Beatles? How many Canadian men answered yes?) and then you just type in a percentage. The closer you are to the real answer, the more chances you get awarded. I guessed 68% because isn’t that a common belief? But it said 19% so I only got one chance. Once I was only 2-3% away from the real answer so I got 20 chances! Then you take these chances and put your name in a draw for a prize (this month it’s a prepaid gas card, prepaid visa, probass card, or an Ivanka Trump bag).

It’s pretty easy, but can be a little time-consuming. Sometimes a “15-minute” survey sucks up about 30 minutes, but then other times a 30 minute one can be done really quickly.

For these two sites that I really really like, if you want to join them too, send me your email at Each site needs to have your email put in so that it can email you an invitation.

Each site has a referral program, so if I send you an invitation through the site, I get rewarded. For the People Per Hour site, you also get rewarded for joining through my referral.


12 thoughts on “Online Earning

  1. I also had looked for online ways to make money. I tried reselling clothes but people want name brand stuff for cheap cheap cheap and I end up not making enough to be worth it. Then I did an online questions service called Cha Cha but you’d get 2 cents for each question… not worth the time it takes to build up anything substantial. I’ve been using ebates but also takes time to build anything good lol

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  2. The People per Hour thing sounds interesting. I’ve looked at other sites similar to that. But what I want to know is how much can one earn there (or sites like it) realistically. Like, how much per month… or even per week. I always search google for reviews of sites like these before I consider using them… and I see a lot of feedback that while they are not scams, they won’t earn you more than a few dollars a month. Like $5, maybe.

    I signed up for a survey type thing but every single time they alert me that there’s a new survey, I answer the first 4 or 5 questions and then it pops up to tell me I’m not qualified for that survey. I don’t think I’ve done a single one and I’ve been signed up there for about a year! I haven’t exchanged any points yet, but I have enough for a $25 gift card from my choice out of a few places… Amazon, Target, etc. So… $25 real rewards in over a year. And rejected from every single survey. Seriously?


    • Yeah I emailed them about being rejected from surveys and they gave me the answer that some of them are only for certain demographics or that while I might have gotten an email, it could have reached its quota before the email was sent to me or something. So far the survey one has been the most beneficial. For PPH, I think it all depends on what you can offer. I can only offer editing or proof-reading, and then blog writing stuff. I’ve only completed 1 job for them but it was great. I had to re-write a blog post for a guy, it was so easy. But I think you would probably have more success on a site like that since you have so many other talents, like logo design, and helping with WordPress problems (I have seen ads posted for WordPress issues) and stuff like that.

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  3. Great article and yes, it is frustrating if you are new to this brave new world of online business. I spend time on researching the market before diving in. It looks like you are doing the same. Well done and good luck with your ventures.

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    • Thanks so much! I did it at first to boost my income, but after settling into my new job it’s not needed as much as I originally thought. Which is good since I’m not really making any actual money doing it haha


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