Happiness is

Happiness is glitter nail polish. 

About a week and a half ago, my kidlets noticed that I had redecorated my nails. 2nd loves when I show up with new colours on my fingernails and she was all over the brown ones I did two weeks ago. She even asked if I could do her nails sometime.

2nd wanted them done last weekend since she had a birthday party to go to, but Saturdays are so busy at the house that it’s impossible to really do anything other than get the kids up, dressed, and finished their chores before 3 pm. An “after lunch” activity would be useless since lunch is usually between 2-4 (which makes anything after 1 pm hard since the kids are complaining they are hungry) and I’m done work at 3. We planned to do them on Friday this week, which is my day off. I didn’t mind packing up my stuff and going over for an hour to do their nails. It was perfect since their babysitter would be there and I could focus on just them. But then I got a text saying 2nd had gone out of town with her mom and 4th was ok waiting until Saturday as well.

Well, yesterday was the day!! I got 4th dressed and finished her chores before we started her nails. She chose two colours I wouldn’t have put together but when you’re that young I think it’s ok to have crazy colours on your nails. A simple red/orange/red/orange pattern and then she selected two rhinestones to add a little bit of flare.

2nd didn’t even get out of bed until 11:30, so we were off to a slow start with her. Once she was up and dressed, she went back into her bed waiting for lunch. I got it started at 11:30, with the promise of it being “soon”. We just didn’t have enough hot dogs. A quick run to the store was all that was needed. The group going to the store didn’t leave until 2 pm….

At 2:30 I was finally able to coax 2nd down to the kitchen. I needed at least 30 minutes to do her nails since she had BIG BIG plans. 5 different designs. But after we had a look at the polish (my small collection and a few colours she had brought down with her) and she realised that she could have either rhinestones or tape (not both) we settled on something a little less work intensive:

Teal and glitter. It actually turned out really well! I am sad I didn’t get a picture of the end product. Her thumb, middle and ring nails were teal, and then pointer and pinky gold glitter. Her thumb and ring fingers had dark grey polka dots all over them, and then her middle finger had a gold glitter heart.

The dots and heart were all made with my dotters. When I first said that I would bring my “dotters” all the kids looked at me shocked!

3rd: YOU have DAUGHTERS?!

Me: yeah! They are super neat!

2nd: How many daughters do you have?!

Me: 10!

3rd: WHAT?!?! What are their names?

Me….ummmm what?

Then it clicked that while I was saying “dotters” they were saying “daughters”. The silly conversations that we have! I think that was the same night that 2nd was an astronaut while we were walking to dinner and the rest of us were all planets (I was babysitter planet, 3rd was goober planet)

But using the dotters was super fun. 2nd has about a thousand ideas for her nails so I have been roped into bringing back all my stuff many more times so that we can experiment a little bit more. I’m just glad her nails turned out. I was already staying past the end of my working time to finish them up and left before they got a clear top coat, but they really did look super cute. Her mom said that they looked like they were done at a salon. Made my heart happy!


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