Bad Life Choices

This past week my landlord has been on vacation, which has led to some bad life choices…or what I consider to be bad life choices. Let’s break them down:

  • turning off the light outside my door so when I come home at night an hour and a half after I’m supposed to, there is no light leading me to my door (it’s motion activated, it’s not like it stays on the whole time I’m at work)
  • coming down to do laundry while I’m at work (totally fine BTW I told them they don’t have to ask for this) but leaving on the lights in my apartment after they were done
  • vacuuming after 10 pm
  • dropping things on the floor over my bed at 5:55 am….three mornings in a row…
  • doing house reno’s all week, sometimes starting at like 8:30 in the morning with the hammering
  • setting the fire alarm off at least once a day while cooking
  • knocking out/turning off my wifi
  • running a bath (totally fine) but then thinking that noise doesn’t travel and letting three super long and loud farts out while in said bath. Pretty sure the ceiling was vibrating

I’m excited for next week to get back into the regular routine.


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