Dearly Departed

Do you ever think about death? Or what might come after death? 

I wrote a post back in February about the movie What Dreams May Come. which talks about reincarnation and how I feel about it.

But what really happens after you die? As a Christian, I believe that you either go to heaven or to hell. It’s that simple. And life is about making the right choices and following God to make sure that I don’t end up in hell. It’s a strange concept to wrap my head around, even now as an adult. But I have always believed that doubt is a natural thing, for the Bible says that even if your faith is the size of a mustard seed, it can move mountains. I’m pretty sure my faith is larger than a mustard seed, but it is also mixed in with some doubt.

However, maybe that’s the point? It doesn’t really how much you doubt, you still have to choose which side of things you want to end up on. Even in the little things, I’ve been taught that as a Christian we need to train our minds to focus on the good things in life, and the things acceptable to God. So not to let my mind (or mouth) stray into gossip (a personal struggle), or impure thoughts or words. To make a conscious decision to refocus the mind when it starts to wonder.

Speaking of wondering….are my words starting to just drift off? I don’t think I’m making much sense. I definitely didn’t answer the prompt, but I don’t think I could anyways.

I think in death, just as in life, we want to be surrounded by our loved ones and have a peaceful existence. I kind of refuse to think that there is nothing out there after death. It can’t just be a black void. I find solace and comfort in my religious beliefs that there is something after death. I think a lot of people do, no matter what religion they follow.

January 25 Dearly departed Write your own eulogy.


14 thoughts on “Dearly Departed

    • I don’t think I’ve ever really thought about it outside of just kind of acknowledging that I follow the standards set out by my religion. I guess that’s kind of a bad thing, but that’s really all I need or maybe I’m just being ignorant to the facts of the situation. But if that’s the case then I think I’ll be happy just being ignorant lol

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  1. I think about death way too often. It is an unhealthy fear for me. And it’s unhealthy how often i think about it. Sometimes I sit and think, tomorrow could be my last day. Next week could be the last time I speak to my dad or someone else I love. And right now, as I type, my anxiety is going high and my eyes are getting most. I wish I had more faith. I truly wish that. I pray for that. Who do I pray to? The God of my understanding, which is still so hard for me to understand. I guess I pray to the nonjudgmental God that sees that honest and true heart that I have, even if it has a little trepidation in it. Good post.

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    • I think death might have impacted you a little differently that it has me – you lost your close friend so young in a car accident that you were in so I think that might be a part of your anxiety – and totally understandable if it is! I think God is hard to understand for a lot of people, I don’t understand him fully! Even tonight I had to have a really difficult conversation with a 10 year old about God and his plan and stuff. This topic is a difficult one for sure!

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  2. I think about this more than I should. I freak myself out often. And then I think of my cousin’s suicide at 16… my other cousin’s death in a car accident at 19… my third cousin’s current untreatable brain tumor. Even the hell I’ve been and am currently going through.

    It’s hard for me to believe in God… because If ‘God’ has a plan for me, it’s to make my life miserable. I just can’t get behind that.

    I’ve often wondered about reincarnation… or just another life… somewhere else… in a parallel universe. One where I don’t make so many bad decisions… one where my life is happier.

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