Ready, Set, Go….away…

This post kind of turned into a rant…sorry about that! 

So it’s only been what? Four Days since the inauguration of Donald Trump and I am already over it. Just like when I wrote about 9/11, back when I was in grade 9, I was so over the news about it after like a day.

Back in grade 9, I was “over it” because I was bored of it. I was tired of all tv stations all the time just being smouldering buildings and people being pulled from those buildings and all that. I had no sense of a world outside of my own city. I just wanted to watch my soaps after school.

That was then, now I’m an adult…or so people keep telling me. Somewhere between grade 9, and being just a few short months away from being 30, I have magically transformed into an “adult”. And this is what “adult” T has to say about all this:


Like yeah, I get it, everyone in the world hates that he’s president, and I do too. I think he’s a sexist, racist, infuriatingly small minded, pathetic man. There – I said it. I do. I really really do. But I’m also over all the outrage and the social media posts over every little thing he does. He is going to make stupid choices, and he’s going to make mistakes, and he’s going to make the entire world angry. But can we at least save the outrage for something that really matters? Like him signing that reproductive rights thing this week. That was huge, and by the time it reached the news I was just so over it that I haven’t even read any articles on it yet. (so if anyone has and wants to tell me about it, that would be great).

When I get to work, the first thing I do is turn off the radio in the kitchen. I have to put away dishes and then wash dishes and I don’t want to spend that whole time listening to news on Donald Trump. I am SO over it! Last week, it was all hip-hop dance music and it was great. This week, all news, all the time.

I was even considering taking myself off Facebook because of this. I don’t really use it all that much anyways, but if I had closed my account over the weekend, I wouldn’t have found out that a friend of mine is publically transitioning now. I am so proud of (the newly) her for taking this step! Just a few short years ago when we worked together I was jealous of (then) his makeup being flawless, in the middle of July, working at Tim Hortons, but now she’s being the person she always knew she was! And then when I support such a public declaration there are “omg really?” and the backlash that comes from such a statement. Sometimes that backlash is very passive – everyone can see that I liked her photo and her statement of transition, and then there are pictures/quotes that pop up on some of my more religious friends’ walls pertaining to trans-rights. I can’t say that they are for sure connected, but I’m just going to be angry about it anyways.

Why is the world such a negative Nancy?! I love this blog and the supportive community that comes along with it, but inside my once beloved Facebook, all I can see is hatred for each other, and a lot of times, for oneself. It’s really starting to get to me, and I’m not sure how long I can hold onto that part of my social media presence. Plus, getting rid of Facebook would free up some of my morning routine, allowing me to craft betting blog posts 😉 Or I could just spend that time on Pinterest….most likely Pinterest…

Pretty much the only thing that is keeping me on Facebook right now is the connection to my friends. For a good handful of friends, Facebook is the only connection that I have to them, and if I were to disable my account, I would be totally disconnecting myself from them, which would totally, totally suck.

*apparently “10 minutes of free writing” T, is a ranting T*

January 24 Ready, set, go Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish.

13 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Go….away…

  1. Why do people HATE the President, do they honestly know how many are repeating the same Hate comments as everyone else. Jealousy take a look at that. Tell me the difference between Bill Clinton and the Rape charges he faces, the wife who laughed in the face of his alleged Rape Victim. Do these baying women Hate Bill Clinton? This HATE HATE HATE HATE of everyone is so worrying, this advocating violence is so worrying. Its not just the US its here in the UK the sheep that follow, HATRED something very wrong with people who feel that.


    • I can’t really speak to the Bill Clinton rape accusations since I don’t really know anything about it, but for me personally I just can’t get behind Trump as a person. His personality that he portrays to the public gets under my skin in everyway possible. But again, I only know what I see in the news, I haven’t put any effort into learning about him outside of what is portrayed.

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      • I understand that you don’t like Donald Trump that is entirely up to you, my point is and its not in anyway personal to you, the point was I don’t understand this business of Hate that people like that Madonna scream about. There never look at the full picture. I did not like Obama but it was difficult for me to say that without being accused of being a racist and I was accused of that, I always explained the reason I did not like Obama was because he was the most ineffectual President I had ever seen. I have followed UK/US Politics since the 1960s and for me Obama was useless, yet I was told I did not like Obama because he was Black, I knew the truth.


    • The rape charges against Bill Clinton are unfounded. Trump has women coming out saying he assaulted them as well. When it comes down to it two wrong don’t make a right. I don’t like the fact he wants to cut the VAWA. I think his easy to temper is dangerous. And the government needs to stay out of the personal medical decisions of a women and her body. And here is the big one… Bill wasn’t running for President…


    • Not to mention the way his people LIE and he LIES when we can see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears he is full of shit!


  2. I know how you feel, I’m in a country where I don’t really like the current president and when he won I was really disappointed but I got over it and said to myself give the man a chance at least.
    And I do agree with the social media thing, I also do want to get off Facebook sometimes there are some people that makes you put your palms over your face but it’s quite amusing sometimes lol

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  3. Wow, I didn’t realize how much folks in other countries follow our politics. I DO NOT post anything on Facebook regarding politics as my EXTREME (like one is probably on a watchlist extreme) relative and other passionate individuals would go ape s*** on me. As an American, I support whomever the president is and wish him/her well.

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    • I think that it’s time every starts to support the president and just see what happens. And I fully understand that people are watching his moves more closely than previous presidents and are going to scrutinize his actions more, but it’s just getting too much for me. I’m taking a break from Facebook with week. I’ll go to the website just to check if I have any notifications and then leave. Canadian’s have always followed American politics very closely since you are so close to us. We have a big stake in American politics, so we stay invested, but it’s just too much on social media right now lol

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  4. I’m tired too. I don’t comment on political posts. I need to continue to work. There is still much to do and I’m exhausted and tired of all the drama. My Facebook time is limited to 20 minutes a day. Ten in the morning and ten in the evening. LOL. You are not alone.

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