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Mad skills! 

Only 22 days in and I kind of feel like already this is starting to become a little repetitive. Didn’t I just answer a question about what I struggle with to learn? I guess I don’t have to be a master at French, but it would certainly help matters. Especially living in Canada.

I saw a statistic the other day (have no idea where or I would provide that here for you), that maybe only 13-15% of Canadians are fully bilingual. And given that statistic, how absolutely ridiculous it is for the government to demand that those running for the Prime Minister’s office must be bilingual.

I understand that they want all Canadians to feel included in our political structure, but when it is such a minority of people, don’t you think that it’s a just slightly unrealistic? Sometimes I think that learning Mandarin would be a better use of our country’s time and resources instead of French, but that’s just my opinion.

I once had dreams to pursue the office of Prime Minister, back in my “I’m so awesome, bow down before me you unworthy opponents” stage that I wrote about yesterday – basically my entire high school career. I could certainly do a better job of running the country than the first female Prime Minister. But does she really count if she wasn’t technically elected? Stepping in to fill the void until the next election doesn’t really count right?

But I’m getting off track. If I were to be the master of any skill in the world, I still think that I would stick to languages. I wish I could have the knowledge and capability to speak and understand all languages. Think of all the doors that would be open to us as human beings if we were able to communicate with all the other people all over the world in their mother tongues? Not just to demand that everyone learn English (which is like a super crazy language to learn).

There is this one product that I have seen advertised that is like a blue-tooth device. You stick it in your ear and it translates the language right into your ear for you. I’m not sure how accurate this device would be, but it seems like a step in a good direction in order to bridge the language gap that we all live in. Although, on the other hand, it would probably eliminate the need for language teachers. So my life in Korea would never have been able to happen.

I’m not sure if this really qualifies as a “skill”, but it’s what I would want to master.

January 22 I got skills If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

15 thoughts on “I got skills

  1. Maybe they mandate the French Thing up there to keep the culture alive. Down here, en louisiane, we have kind of the same thing. We have immersion classes starting in kindergarten where kids learn French as well as keep there regular studies in English. My nephew is in 5th grade and is in the program. He rarely speaks it for me. He is a little turd bucket, though. It is not mandated, but available for those who wish to take the classes. I am still truly saddened that I did not keep my French lessons up after my car accident. I was tres bon!!

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  2. Ah French! The bane of my existence, well at the moment anyways… As someone who lives in Quebec and is fully bilingual I have to say it is a great asset and I would like to think I would be bilingual whether or not I lived in Qc. However, it is enormously annoying to be forced to speak French. That is there is such a fear that the language (and culture) is being lost that we have language police (I have so much to say about this but for another time maybe). I’ll just leave it at that for now… As a side note I would also love to be able to speak and understand all languages that would be awesome!

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      • Yes yes language police, have you never heard of that? It’s about company names and such being written in French (if they are bilingual the French must be bigger than the English). I also get the political thing though, especially if the percentage you stated is accurate. I mean it can’t be easy learning French and practicing if you live in an entirely English community.

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