Bring on the Bling!

Busting out the nail supplies a few weeks early! 

Last week I posted about trying out a new nail colour – a dark brown. I put some orangey strips on two accent nails and they looked so cute!

2nd loves my nails! I have started showing them to 2nd the first day that I have them done so that I get the ooos and ahhhs out of the way before they start to chip.

My brown nails lasted GREAT all week! The nail tape didn’t. But I have a few theories on that. It did stay attached much better than it did at Christmas. I lost my last piece of tape on Thursday, so almost a full week. The ends started to chip Thursday and I kind of helped them along on my day off on Friday hehe. Sometimes I just can’t help myself! But I did make it worse so today I took off all the polish.

2nd wants me to do her nails sometime soon. Today would have been a great day but she had a birthday party and there wasn’t much time this morning. I have been given permission from the mom just as long as it’s not the gel polish that requires a UV light.

One thing I haven’t tried yet from my package of supplies that arrived in November has been the rhinestones. I purchased some nail glue this past week and have been itching to try it out (probably why I have been picking away at the little chips on my nails).

Today after work I decided to try it. The glue is technically for fake nails and says that you have to use the super harsh pure acetone to get it off. But I’m trying it out on polished nails to see if I can get away with just regular polish remover. Since it’s on top of the nail polish I would assume that it would come off easily?

So I took off the gel polish, then re-painted my nails with regular polish. Let it dry and then picked out some gems. I have a brush on nail glue which made it super easy to get the glue onto the gems. And I have little nail tweezers which helped greatly in placing the gem on my nail. The glue set very quickly but there was a little bit of time to quickly push it into the correct position.

Once again, I did my two accent nails. I was only going to paint one nail and then put the gem on there but thought since I had all the stuff out I might as well do all 10 of them haha.

The gem does sit a little high up off the nail than I’m used to. But I’m sure I will accommodate that in the new few days. Then hopefully it will come off easily when I decided to take off the polish. But for the next 3 days (at least) this is what my nails will be looking like:

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

Please ignore the horrible state of my cuticles! It’s been a super dry week here and I’ve just started a new oil treatment on them to get them back into healthy shape.


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