Letters Live

So I can across this thing on youtube this morning, and I must share it. 

It’s called Letters Live. I was searching for an Andrew Scott interview (Moriarty from the BBC’s Sherlock) and he did one of these as well. But then Tom Hiddleston popped up.

I think we all have our favourite actors that we keep coming back around to, we all know my deep obsession with Ralph Fiennes, but lately, Tom Hiddleston has been in the mix as well. I think it’s something about his voice. The tones of his voice are seriously beautiful.

Anyways, so here he is, reading this love letter. And the first 3 minutes, goodness. If any man ever says something like this to me, I think I might love him forever. Even when the writer is listing his own faults – WOW.

When people ask me why I’m not married yet, I think I will just show them this video. This is why I’m not married yet – no man has ever had these feelings for me, nor I for him.


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