In a Crisis

Have you ever been in a real crisis?

I’m not sure anything in my life has really equipped me to say what my crisis management skills are.

This one time, in the winter, I was driving and I spun out. I would classify that as a mini-crisis I suppose. And I did NOT handle it well. Instead of trying to keep the wheels straight and ride it out, I was flipping the steering wheel sporadically, slamming on the breaks, doing everything you’re not suppose to do in that situation. Thankfully everyone was fine (it was me and my brother). But it has led to me being an anxious driver in the winter and feeling the need to take extra driver’s training for winter conditions. Thankfully, such a thing exists in Canada! And not just my brother taking me to an empty parking lot, forcing me into a spin and then telling me to “get out of it”. Actual, winter defensive driving training. It’s on the to-do list.

No other real situations have happened that I would call a crisis. Sure I’ve had scrapes and bruises and fights over toys. They are considered a crisis for the child going through them but not for me.

Last night I guess we had a “crisis”. Which resulted in me having to pass notes in and out of a closed bedroom door since one child was so upset they refused to speak. It also led to both of us not having dinner (their choice: come out and go to dinner or stay with no snacks or food before bed. I could have had dinner brought for me but since I was so close to the end of my shift I decided to just wait it out). In those situations, I am very happy with the way I react – letting the child calm down and start to open up when they are ready. I have the patience to wait it out. The child says “leave me alone!” and I just say “ok, I’ll be here when you are ready to talk” and just sit on the couch.

The other girl I work with doesn’t have the patience for it. Thankfully I convinced her to take the other children for dinner while I waited the upset one out. Which I did. It took about an hour but we finally got to a place of speaking words instead of writing them down. Which was then totally shut down when the other group got home from dinner…but what can ya do? lol

January 17 In a crisis Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?

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