Nail Art Sunday

So hows about we do this up right? 

I try to change up my nails every 2-3 weeks. This time it’s been 3 weeks because I have noticed that two weeks isn’t enough time for my cuticles to regrow, and justify doing a cuticle treatment on them.

Today was pretty simple. I started with my cuticle care: clean the nail, add cuticle remover, use clippers to remove the dead cuticles, clean with rubbing alcohol.

Then I shape the nail. I try to stay on top of this as much as possible. Mostly because I like to keep a square-ish shape, and also because if I don’t, then my nails tend to rip and have rough edges which can scratch the kidlets that I work with.

For those who are wondering, I use Gel Polish, which I buy off of Amazon through Vishine by Mocobelle. You can view the product here.

The first step once you are ready for the polish is the base coat. Most people who do their nails at home skip this part, but the gel polish isn’t to touch your actual nail. You will also need to have the top coat as well.

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Today I was testing out a new colour. On Amazon, when I was ordering my first 5 colours, I thought this was black. It looked black on the website, but alas it was not. It’s called Dark Saddle Brown and is number 1434.

Image may contain: drink Image may contain: drink, coffee cup and indoor

When applying this polish you basically have two options: go SUPER slow and make sure you don’t get it on your skin or have a little bit of tissue handy with rubbing alcohol on it to clean up any sloppy bits you might have around the edges of your nails.

Today, I had both. I really took my time this afternoon because I wanted it to look nice. Once you put your hand into the UV light box, whatever is on your nail/skin is there to stay.

I did two coats of 1434 but probably should have done 3. Since I was going super slow, I was also doing really thin coats of polish. The timer on my lightbox is set for 120 seconds. although the polish will set after 60. However, I can’t change the amount of time my timer is set for, and I also heard that the longer your nails are under the light, the better the colour will turn out. Plus it is literally two minutes guys. If I had to choose between two minutes and it’s done drying no problems, or like an hour and it still smudges (regular polish) I will always choose two minutes. Once you have as many coats of colour applied as you want, make sure to give your nails a super quick wipe with rubbing alcohol.

Ok, so two coats of colour were applied, then I decided I didn’t want just plain brown nails (even though they looked cute at this point). So I took out my nail tape that I experimented with last time. This time, I chose an orangey one. Brown and orange = complimentary! I was also considering gold. I applied three strips to one accent nail on each hand. I like to offset my accent nails so I have my first finger on my left hand and my third finger on my right.

After snipping off the ends of the tape to make it fit my nail properly, I applied the gelpolish top-it-off and my hands went back into the lightbox. Once more, wipe rubbing alcohol on those nails! If you don’t, the gel polish remains a little bit tacky to the touch.

The results were adorable!

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

As you can see, it really did need that third coat of colour, but lesson learned for next time! I’m glad that I have this colour now. Before I was a little disappointed but it is totally working for me!

A very successful experience! I can’t wait until my next shipment of colours arrive so I can try out even more new things! Hopefully it will be here in three weeks when I attempt something new. Maybe some gems.

2 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday

  1. When (the few times) I polish my nails, the color stays on for weeks/months. I’m lazy and it’s not very important to me…the upkeep, you know? Not into it. And I don’t really dig taking polish off with the liquid remover. It’s a task. (Can you say lazy?)? 😝😝

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    • Oh, I can’t stand when it’s on my finger nails and it’s all chipped and stuff. That’s why I love this gel polish. I’m not as good at sealing it with the top coat as my Korean manicurist but I am definitely getting better. If it’s just regular polish, sometimes I take it off after like 3-4 days. I’m not sure if you would like this gel polish if taking off regular polish is a task haha! This stuff you have to file off the top coat, let it soak for like 5-15 minutes (depending on the remover) and then literally scrape it off the nail. It’s a chore but I love how it looks when it’s new and the shine it has and how long it lasts. hehe


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