Ripped from the Headlines

Be warned: Content contained in this post is not PG.

It might be hard to process, but my main source for online news has become Facebook. I don’t have much time in the mornings anymore (editing a 45 page NGO constitution sucks all my time and energy it seems) but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my daily dose of news provided via the ever dependable Facebook.

It’s not all garbage – some of it is actually from credible news sources that I follow, or friends posting news articles, or even the “trending now” widget on the side.

But for this post, it’s going to be garbage.

Now, I’m not sure if I’m exactly on the right path here, but I am going to be criticizing someone’s parenting. Before ya’ll get all up in arms about it, just listen ok? I may not be a mother, a may not even want kids (adopt one or two sure, push them out of my lady bits? Probably not. Sorry Mum). But I think this kind of crosses a line. And I’m pretty sure I don’t have to be a parent to think so.

I have this old co-worker as a friend on Facebook. I enjoyed working with her the few times I that I did, but I wouldn’t say that I go out of my way to interact with her. She was kind of a complainer if you ask me. She has 5 children ranging from early 20’s to grade 2. Today was the middle child’s 16th birthday. Here is his cake:


Oooo Yes – that is exactly what it looks like. How could it possibly be anything else?!

Not only that, she then has staged pictures of him cutting off one of the boobs and then dramatically going to lick it. This isn’t a frat house or a bachelor party. It’s a 16-year old’s birthday.

Now, go back a few years ago, when her 2nd oldest (a girl) turned 16:


Yup…light up dildo and all…there are other pictures and the top has been decorated to look like it’s cumming…(did any of you ever think this would be a topic for my blog?! Me either! I’m getting the bleach for my eyes and my mind as soon as I’m done writing this)

Like really?! Is this necessary? Am I just being a prude for thinking that this is in no way suitable for a 16-year old’s birthday party? Especially when they have younger brothers and sisters there with their little friends over to have fun?

January 14 Ripped from the headlines Head to your favorite online news source. Pick an article with a headline that grabs you. Now, write a short story based on the article.


13 thoughts on “Ripped from the Headlines

  1. Oh my GOD. That is AWFUL! I can sort of understand for a bachelor or bachelorette party maybe (but I still think it’s tasteless, even under those circumstances). But a 16 year old?!?!? I think it’s terrible parenting. I probably shouldn’t judge… but come on. This is horrible!

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  2. Jars of candy labeled Sweets for my sweetie on her Sweet 16 now seems a little uncool, but at the time I felt like a rebel because it was a lot of candy and I let them eat it before dinner. BEFORE DINNER!

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