Praise the Lord – #sherlock is back!

Don’t worry, there will be no spoilers under the line. 

I won’t give away any details from the first episode (impatiently waiting for episode 2 to start in 2 hours) but there is one thing that we need to talk about. If you watch the show, feel free to give your opinion. If you don’t feel free to watch all 3 seasons on Netflix and then give your opinion, or give it and then watch it’s up to you…

It’s been three. very. long. years since the last season and now my favourite Sherlock/Watson pairing are back on tv. With one major distinction this season:

Image result for martin freeman 2016

Martin Freeman has become a major F.O.X. Like he always was pretty wow, but now…W.O.W

Is it just me or do the majority of British men get more handsome the older they get?

Do you get your passport taken away if you don’t age into a total fox?

In Canada, if you don’t smile at strangers or hold open doors for people walking behind you, they take away your passport and then drop you on the island that Denmark thinks it owns so you become their problem. I’m not making this up:

Related image

Image result for island canada and denmark dispute

Is this the same for the British? Maybe it has something to do with drinking all the tea?  While I have no idea what causes this phenomenon, I full heartedly support it.

Seriously Martin: damn!


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