A little Hot Mess and Fatty McCupcakes

Well, my friends, it seems like I can’t escape you even when I am away from my computer, not doing anything blogging related. 

Yesterday, my pal in sarcasm, the unbridled talent that is Hot Mess, of Hot Mess Memoirs, wrote a piece on her pet peeves in movie theatres. I agreed with all of them. It’s such a shame when you go out to have a nice time watching a movie and you have to sell your left lung just to get in and then children ruin the whole experience.

I went to see the movie Sing today with BFF-R. By moving, I had hoped that we would be closer to each other, but in fact, I think I now live 15 minutes further away! But she was the wonderful person that she always is and drove to see me and my new place. For Christmas, the family I work for gave me a “date night” ticket – 2 admissions, 2 drinks, 1 popcorn. So we decided to make an afternoon out of it.

We arrived early to get our tickets. The teenager working the register said I had an accent and wanted to know if I was on vacation in Toronto, or if I had just moved to Canada from someplace else. So that was entertaining.

BFF-R and I took the extra time to have lunch and just catch up. I have the new job, she has a new placement for school, and is in her last semester! Soon she will be a nurse! Way to go BFF-R!

Once we were in the theatre, Hot Mess’s pet peeves started to show up. I’d say at least 85% of the people in the theatre were under the age of 12. I was saying silent prayers that it would be a good showing. The lights went down and the theatre was dead silent. WOO, we had lucked out!

But then it happened. Yeah, of course it did! If it didn’t, I wouldn’t be frantically typing this out, would I? Two teenagers came bumbling up the steps. The girl literally tripped and fell. They took the two seats right above the stairs and spread out over 5 seats (which was the same row R and I were in). They were loud and obnoxious, and I was half expecting some shenanigans to be happening over in that corner under coats within minutes.

But wait there’s more! Good people of No Love For Fatties Land – something else happened. Another teenage-ish couple arrived. Made the obnoxious ones confine themselves to 4 seats instead of 5 and then they say between us and the obnoxious ones. Hallaleiugha! They quieted down for the majority of the movie.

I normally don’t get snacks while I’m at the theatre. They are massively expensive, and I’m usually not really into eating while watching movies. But since it was included in the ticket, both R and I had a soda each and we were sharing a popcorn. I only ate the popcorn until my soda ran out, and when it did, I started to feel my eyes getting a little sleepy. I popped them open as wide as I could while thinking to myself “OMG I’m becoming a sit-sleeper!!” Fatty McCupcakes was right! It has started to happen! Just like she said it would – as soon as the snacks ran out. BAM it hit me. Thankfully, through sheer will-power, I pulled myself together and remained awake for the entirety of the movie.

And I’m super glad that I did! It was so cute ya’ll. If you haven’t seen it yet, I won’t spoil anything except that it is well worth it to hear Matthew McConaughey as a koala sing Call Me Maybe. Do I really need to say anything else to entice you to go? I don’t think so but I will!! Two more words for you: Glitter Pig.


13 thoughts on “A little Hot Mess and Fatty McCupcakes

  1. Thanks for the mention, friend! It’s a real affliction! I feel validated that you experienced this, but of course, I feel empathetic as well! It’s no bueno to find yourself snoring in someone’s popcorn! I hope you saw most of the movie!

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  2. I loved that movie! When we went, it was so crowded we had to split up… my daughter and I in one row… my son and husband a couple of rows away. It was PACKED. I hate being in crowded places but this was all good. We even had tiny kids sitting in front of us so no worries about my daughter having a big head in front of her. We had fun. Ooh, and I found a way to get the tickets cheaper online before we went… bonus!

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    • Thankfully our theatre wasn’t packed. but it was still pretty full for the last Saturday afternoon of winter break! haha. I loved it! I’m glad you did too!! Too bad there wasn’t a great singing hippo in it though…

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