My favourite

Are we really ever apart in today’s society? 

I have many people that I am quite fond of in my life. Most of them I have mentioned here: Le Brother, BFF-R, and BFF-A are on the top of my list. But in all honesty, I find it very difficult to be around them as much as I would like. Even so, that doesn’t really mean that I am apart from them.

With the ever-expanding realm of social media and electronic communications, can one really ever be that far apart from the ones we love?

Even living in South Korea, which was 13,000 km away from my friends and family, I never really felt that far away. I had emails and Facebook, skype conversations, electronic greeting cards for holidays and birthdays, regular snail mail (it still exists! And sending things from Korea to Canada was so easy and cheap! It actually makes me resent the Canadian postal system just a tiny bit.)

I can’t actually tell you when I have felt disconnected from those that I love. Well, maybe sometimes from Le Brother. I share (almost) everything with him because he is literally one of my bestest friends. At least once a summer he goes to this cottage with his high school friends and is out of cellphone reach for about a week. He will check his phone maybe once a day, but I try not to bother him with things that I just have to tell him!! Which really I don’t. I think once I kept an email draft on my computer and just added to it for the week he was away. Just little things, like how my dog got so excited he was running into the house and decided to jump the front steps, but he overestimated himself and went head first into one of the steps. Things I knew he would appreciate.

But other than being in a remote cottage that you need to take a boat/sea plane to get to, is one ever really apart from their loved ones?

January 6 My favorite What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your

favorite person? Tell us about it.


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