Home once more

I am finally back home after being away for more than a week. It also means that I have finally been able to unpack all of my Christmas items – both gifted and Boxing Day purchases. 

Before I went to my parents’ for the holidays, I had a huge list of things that I needed to purchase in order to function properly in my new home. Since it’s all unpacked now, and I feel like more of an adult, I thought I’d finally share some pictures of my new place (and general Christmas things) with ya’ll!

The first thing you see when you come in is my kitchen (a little cluttered from unpacking and washing all the new things)

Image may contain: kitchen and indoor

The microwave and kettle were recent additions after the holiday week! Also this loverly drawer for my cookbooks. I have this obsession with my mom’s Betty Crocker cookbook, which is older than I am and falling apart, and I would steal it in a heartbeat and just never give it back. But now I don’t have to! Since she got me my own mwahaha! And a slow cooker book as well. Awesome sauce with cherries and sprinkles my friends!

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Another new addition, and something that I had to purchase, containers for leftovers. So freaking happy! I got all these glass dishes (microwave/oven/dishwasher safe) for $20!!! Thank you boxing day! I’m a tiny bit crazy with keeping things sorted with lids. Since I have to deal with Tupperware drawers every day at work, and my parent’s cabinet which will just chaos, I have learned to love organization.

Image may contain: indoor

Then the living room. The big hole in the wall is apparently going to be filled with an electric fireplace once the landlord finds one he likes for a good price.

Image may contain: living room and indoor

Onto the massive bedroom (yes there is a couch in there) and a full wall of closets

Image may contain: bedroom and indoor

Image may contain: indoor

Which then connects to the bathroom through this door beside a wall of ceiling to floor mirrors (which then connects back into the open area where the kitchen is on the other side)

Image may contain: indoor

And lastly, this little cutie finally found a home.

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Just general Christmas things:

Saw this hilarious “vehicle” while out with my brother. It’s only big enough for one person.

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Brought out my Cat in the Hatopoly, and crushed my mom. MWAHAHAHA… just a general PSA: Never play any type of monopoly with me. You will regret it. Actually, expand that to fit all board games.

Image may contain: table and indoor

And, of course, each year my mom makes me a pair of mittens to match whatever winter coat/accessories I have that year. This year I have a brand new dark blue coat and white boots so she made me these amazing white mittens which have silver twisted in (aka SPARKLY GLITTER MITTENS!). The wind always blows right through them, so I took an odd scrap of fabric from her fabric trunk and made a liner for them. She even had two skeins of yarn left which I took home to make a scarf to match!

Image may contain: stripes

I hope ya’ll had a great holiday with your loved ones!

9 thoughts on “Home once more

    • Thanks!! I like it 🙂 Except since it’s only temporary and I’m not sure when it will end, I’m hesitant to actually fill it with my stuff. I’m already dreading moving what I have here and basically that’s just the kitchen and my clothes, None of the furniture is mine. Which is great because then I don’t have to move it haha

      Liked by 1 person

        • Me too! I’ve kind of seen it. My employer provides housing for me. So they want me in one of their two houses (that’s a long story!) but currently my boss’s mom/sister lives in the nanny suite, so I have a place about a 10 minute walk away. Once they move back to their home (I’m not sure why they are here…) then I get the nanny suite (I’m a nanny!) So I’ve seen a little bit of the nanny suite just from being in the house…but not much haha


            • Love it! I’ve only been one for a month haha but it totally fits with my personality. The family is super fantastic too which I’m sure makes a huge difference. I am really missing the kids this week while I’m at my place but not working. Can’t wait to see them on the 9th


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