The addiction carries on

It’s been almost a year now since I got my first gel manicure in Korea. And the appeal and addiction has not stopped. 

Before I left my little basement apartment for the holidays, I had enough time to do my nails up right. My brother was coming at 5 (he showed up at 6) so I had almost all day to spend doing things. A little shopping, a little laundry (fresh sheets await my return!), and of course, my nails.

I started off my routine just the same as if I were at the salon: cuticle care. This part I have gotten quite good at! At first, it was very intimidating. First, you need to apply cuticle remover, let it sit for a little bit (just enough time to put the remover all around your nails) and then you take cuticle snippers and cut off of icky stuff. Sounds simple, and it is, but it is also very dangerous if you don’t have a steady hand or if you are uncomfortable doing it – which I was at the start. The snippers are easy to hold, but also will cut you very easily. The first few times I did this by myself, I ended up bleeding in a few places.

Image result for royalty free images cuticle nippers

I decided to go with red polish, and wanted to use my nail tape. Silver was selected to make cute Christmas nails, but not so Christmas as to look silly after the holidays. This polish is to last for 2-3 weeks remember!

I had never used the nail tape before, and it was a little fidgety. Now I have one of those Scott tape dispensers without any tape in it. When I get home, I will be able to load up the nail tapes I have and use the dispenser to help with the application of it.

Image result for royalty free images manicure tape

I didn’t take my time with this application, and kind of got sloppy. After taking the hour to prep and decorate my nails, I then had to take an extra 20ish minutes trying to fix them – which is so hard to do once the polish has gone under the UV light since it has cured and you are pretty much screwed. Lesson learned! Take the time to clean up the edges before sticking your nails under the UV light!

But I did end up with pretty nice nails at the end! Image may contain: 1 person, close-up

On the other hand, I had the pointer finger with the three stripes. I love a good accent nail!

But all my “fixing” after the fact destroyed the integrity of the gel polish. I broke the seal around the edges which allowed for easy lifting, and eventually peeling of the polish and tape. It’s only been 4 days and already I have lost three full stripes (all from the hand pictured: thumb, first and second fingers) as well as half a stripe from my other thumb. The polish is starting to peel off. But at least that first day they looked lovely!

Today I get the task of looking at the product sheet I have from the company I order my polish from and picking out 12 new colours! Which will be great since I only have 5 right now haha. The joys of gift cards for Christmas presents!

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