I am officially on holidays! 

I have my suitcase all packed, and everything else that I will need. I still have to pack up a few non-essential things. I’ll be spending the next week at my parents’ house. I’m super excited, even just for the annoyance of having my pup sleeping in my bed taking up the entire thing (who knew a shit zhu could take up and ENTIRE queen-sized bed?!)

I’ll still be posting, but probably not as frequently as if I were at home. I like to take a break every now and then. However, I will definitely not be posting on Christmas Day.

Just an update on a few changes coming in the New Year:

  1. Life Lately has officially ended. I’ve decided that this week’s post (#30) is a good place to stop.
  2. Starting January 1st, I will be participating in the “365 Days of Blogging”. I have a PDF with a different prompt for every day of the year. I’ll still be posting about everyday things just not as much. I’m excited for this personal challenge! If you’d like a copy of the PDF to use it too, let me know via email and I’ll send you a copy 🙂
  3. Some of the topics are personal or things I don’t generally share, so look out for some password protected posts! Make sure you are set up to receive email notifications of posts since password protected posts don’t show up in the WordPress Reader.
  4. Due to this 365 of writing, 300 Thursday might also have to be a little flexible.
  5. I’m still taking suggestions for A to Z Challenge topics! I literally have no idea what I should write about!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland – Dean Martin. How fitting for today! We just got a fresh layer of beautiful white snow! 

Away in a Manger – Such a sweet little song. 

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