Three More Sleeps!

The child in me is starting to get super duper excited!

It’s almost Christmas and I am starting to get that “can’t wait!” excitement deep down in my tummy. I have told ya’ll before that I am just a great big child and this time of year really brings it out.

Today is my last day of work before I have 10 days off. The kids seem to be a little concerned that I won’t be around all next week which is super sweet. It means that they have accepted me into their family and actually look forward to seeing me. It’s such a sweet feeling!

Last night, I stayed late at work. Until 11 pm! The parents had a date night and I was asked to stay. Although when I left, my phone battery was at 3%! I need to get a mini-back up battery. The good part was that we got the kids into bed on time, and it was a smooth transition. The oldest had a friend over baking cookies for school so the house was crazy hyper. I thought that it would take forever to get the youngest three settled into bed but it went really well. For me I should say haha. The youngest hit the babysitter and wouldn`t let her into the room with us for storytime. When she gets sleepy, she turns into a major cranky pants.

Since it was so late, the mom drove me home. I wasn’t expecting it but I really appreciated it. When I got home, this was waiting for me on my kitchen counter:

No automatic alt text available.

A nice little gift from my landlord for Christmas (wine and cookies). I will have to pick up a little something for them when I’m out tomorrow.

Happy Thursday everyone!

Carol of the Bells – the first Pentatonix song I ever heard. Love love love. 

The Nut Cracker – I read once that Tchaikovsky hated writing this song and hoped that no one would recognise it, but now it is so popular and recognised all over the world. Funny how things like that turn out haha. 

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