Santa’s on my side

Just after writing up a post complaining about winter, it seems like Santa decided to renew my Christmas spirit! 

It did take a little bit of convincing though! I took a walk to get groceries since there was rumoured to be a snow storm coming (by rumoured I mean my weather apps told me so). Since all the major highways leading into my parents’ town were closed by the police, I knew at least a little bit was coming this way. Even though it felt like -20, I put on my snow stuff and out I went! It was a great walk. It didn’t feel too cold. And since I knew I would be taking a taxi back, I was able to get lots of heavy bulky things, like cans of soup, to bring home! Bonus: the cab driver was super kind, and it was less than $6 to get home.

Leaving for work a few hours later, I was angry once again. It had started to snow. Lots of snow! My once clean walk way now had a few inches in just a short while. Thankfully, I was walking and not driving in it! By the time I made it to work, a mere 10-minutes later, I felt somewhat like Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, fighting my way through a snowstorm!

Image result for frozen yukon cornelius

provided via google

I was literally all covered in snow from my head to my toes! Had to take off my coat and shake it off outside. My jeans were wet and bled blue dye onto my beautiful white boots!

Once at work, things started to turn around. The oldest child had stayed home from school, which meant I didn’t have to get all dressed again for the snow and walk down to meet her school bus. Then, after having a slight back and forth over not letting her make an entire pot of macaroni and cheese an hour and a half before dinner, she calls me to the kitchen to see these two beautiful creatures:

Image may contain: snow, glasses, tree and outdoorImage may contain: tree, snow, outdoor and nature

We were able to stand and watch them for a few minutes before a dog in the neighbourhood started barking and scared them off. How lovely! their property backs onto a river so I’m hoping to see more of these two over the winter!

Then the night went really well. I was alone with the kids, the babysitter having other duties for the day. We did dinner and a bedtime routine which was great. I left with most of them in a bed (maybe not their own beds but a bed nonetheless) and walked home.

By this time, it had stopped snowing. It was still cold out, but only enough to make my lips feel bad during the walk home. When I got home, my landlord had already cleared a path to my door (how nice!) Even back behind the gate, which I said I was more than happy to do since he has no reason to go back there in the winter.

Getting inside, I looked on the landing and there was a box from the BFF-R! My first Christmas present delivered 10 whole days early. Since I am basically a 5 year old when it comes to presents (and many other aspects of life) I immediately opened it. Just the surprise from Santa that I needed to get back into a happier mood!

No automatic alt text available.

I have actually already read the book THREE times! Once last night since I have never seen the book. And then twice this morning. While teaching, my first class was an assessment. And the unit the boy was completeing was all about emotions so it was perfect. Then he showed me his Thomas the train book and it was great. I read it with my second class since she wasn’t really showing interest in much and we had lots of time haha!

Today is cookie baking day! And my Christmas happiness is back ❤

Mele Kalikimaka (Hawaiian Christmas Song) – Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters

12 Days of Christmas – teehee minions 

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