I’ve had it already

Only a few days into a true winter season, with lots of snow and beautifulness, and I have had it! 

Mostly because last night, while walking to get a child from a school bus drop off, I slipped on some ice and fell. My knee is all scraped up, with a scab now. Arms still hurt and muscles are stiff. *sigh* I hate when I turn to hatred of winter.

Add on top fo that, this morning is a “real feel” of -20. Already! Buuurrrrr

It’s so bad where my parents live that all school buses AND schools are closed. That never happened the 2.5 years I was working in that school board. Crazy.

Christmas don’t be late – Alvin and the Chipmunks. I’m totally thankful for this selection today! Adorable, and brings out the child in me. It’s helping to restore the festiveness in my heart! 

The Grinch – A little fitting since I have a little bit of an anger issue right now with winter haha. Since Sandra over at What Sandra Thinks posted the original version for her song of the day, I decided to post the live-film version! 🙂 Head on over to her blog to get the original, because you can never have too much Dr. Seuss in your life. 


19 thoughts on “I’ve had it already

    • haha thanks! I definitely have a huge part of my heart that is just set aside for winter. But after Christmas I do revert to the “loving it from inside while wearing a sweater and slippers, and drinking hot chocolate” lol


  1. I moved to California after living in northwest Indiana for six years, and I hated the winters there. In January this year, I slipped on ice on the bottom of our ramp and landed on my butt on the cement of the driveway while taking the dog out. I still have tailbone pain here and there because of it. I bruised up my whole body on the inside from the impact and strained muscles that took forever to heal. Very frustrating! I know the pain of falling!

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