The Hill

The hill I frequently have to walk up will be the death of me…

It’s just 10 am and I am sitting on my couch practically too exhausted to move! I decided this morning to go out and visit a new dollar store, by the grocery store I have to take a bus to get to. It was rather cold out (a “real feel” of -15) so I decided to go to that store since it’s only a 10-minute walk to the bus stop, instead of a 20-minute walk to the bigger store with more selection.

I was waiting for the light to change so I could cross the street and I hear a car honking. It was my new family – the children heading off to school for the day (yup that’s how early it was!) I got off the bus at the right stop and noticed that there is in fact, no dollar store in this plaza. How disappointing! I wanted to get a few new colours of paint for an activity with the children this afternoon but I guess they will have to settle with the colours I do have. They can mix the primary colours to make secondary if they so choose – HAHA! Learning and painting, YES!

So I go to the grocery store instead – I only had four items on my list: flour, sugar, butter, food colouring. This weekend I shall be baking up a storm! But when I left, I had bought a little bit more than that…..some chocolates to fill out my dad’s gift a little more, some oranges (can’t get enough vitamin C!) and some snacks for me.

The only problem was that now I had to tackle that 10-minute hill – with a 5lb bag of flour, 2 lbs of butter, two bags of icing sugar (on sale). It was a struggle!! I put one reusable bag on one shoulder, and heisted the other on up on the other shoulder, and struggled all the way up that freaking hill.

At least now I can say I have had a good workout, and that justifies me snagging a few chocolates from my dad’s stash for a snack hehe.

Joy to the world – I always feel so much joy at this time of the year. I love the snow, the cold, all the holiday lights and decorations. And this song captures the joy I feel as a Christian celebrating. And once again, Pentatonix, cos awesome.

My Grown Up Christmas List – not exactly a super happy, bubbly song. I first heard it in high school and instantly connected to it. The older I get, the more I connect to it. I get a little bit emotional every time I hear it, but I still cherish it each year. 



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