Three Weeks

In three weeks, it will 2017. Can you believe it?! 

Starting on January 1st, there will be some changes in my life. Most importantly I will have health insurance! BAM!

Two of the girls that I take care of seem to be coming down with something. Yesterday, I was doing some spelling practice with one of them and she was coughing all over my dice.

Those of you who have been followers for a while will remember that in Korea I started to play Dungeons and Dragons. It was only for two months or so, but it was so much more fun than I was expecting. Before I left, my group gifted me a set of dice – pink, glitter filled dice, in a cotton candy pink/blue bag with a singing penguin on it. Oooo how well they knew me! Then on my last night playing, one of the group had multiple dice sets that she bought by accident so she was giving them out. I bought her a drink while we were playing and she gave me one of the pastel coloured sets. Yes, they are girly, but that’s how I like it.

For spelling practice, this girl and I have started to have races. This week she has 7 words, so we take the 8 sided dice, one for her and one for me. Then we have to roll, if we get “1” then we write the first word on the list. The first person to write all 7 words 10 times is the winner. Of course, I have to pause whenever she tells me to, and I add an 8th word (my name) to my paper just to take more time. She always wins.

But yesterday she was coughing all over the dice, and the table, and the pencils. EWWW so gross. I made sure to sanitise my poor 8-sided dice before putting them back into the penguin bag with all the rest of my dice.

This incident just reminded me that I have no health insurance. Which, being a nanny and working with children, is a horrible thing not to have. I had limited coverage in Korea, and coverage while working with Tim’s before that, and I have grown accustomed to being covered. So this morning I signed up for my own.

Over the last few weeks, I had been researching various plans offered by various different companies. My dad found one which was very comprehensive so I actually used his suggestion. You take a little survey at the beginning and it gives you three choices. One they recommend for your answers, and then two more: one with more coverage and one with less. I chose the one in the middle since it seemed to fit my needs perfectly, and covered me more than I had in Korea (dental! YES! I have dental coverage!)

The only thing is that it doesn’t start until January 1st. So for the time being, I’ll be using sanitizer and washing my hands and eating vitamin C tablets like they are candy.

Another day of making adult choices under my belt!

Silver & Gold – Burl Ives

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas – Burl Ives

Since apparently it is a Rudolph day, here is a link to the hour long movie 😉 

14 thoughts on “Three Weeks

    • Hehe yeah! Internally i was like “gaaaahhhhh nooooooo!” They have a bottle of sanitizer in their kitchen so after we were done i loaded my hand with sanitizer and rolled them around for a few minutes


  1. New years always take me by surprise no matter how aware or prepared I am for them lol. I agree that health insurance is definitely a necessity when in contact with children on a regular basis. When I was watching my two nephews, it was so easy to catch things from them!

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    • Two in the house have been sick this week, and I’m pretty sure a third is catching something too haha. It’s crazy how fast it spreads! I am happy that I got the insurance – it just makes things so much easier. Canadian health care isn’t crazy expensive but every little bit helps 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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