The Curse of the Headphones

It’s happened again…I’ve murdered more headphones! 

I might have mentioned this strange phenomenon that has been happening to me this past year: all the headphones that I buy die. And quicker than they should!

When I was in Korea in 2011, a friend of mine bought me a pair of headphones. Nothing exciting, just a pair of sony earbuds from a store we were in. Those headphones lasted me THREE YEARS. THREE!!! Then the cord broke or one of the earbuds went mute I’m not sure. But I replaced them and carried on with my life.

Then I arrived in Korea. I needed two pairs of headphones: one for my music in my purse and one for my laptop to watch things. I only brought one pair with me so I simply bought another pair. During my time in Korea, I had to buy 6 different pairs! SIX. How crazy is that?!

When I got home to Canada, I only had one pair. Which was fine. But then they broke as well. So I bought a new pair (up to 7 now in less than a year). I had those when I moved into my new place. They had a microphone on them so I can use them to teach. I’ve had them about a month or so now. Then when I moved here, I bought myself  a second pair just so I could keep them in my purse for music enjoyment walking to and from work, and for when I’m out of the house on the bus and things.

I’ve been here two weeks today (woohoo!) and BOTH of those headphones have died!!! WHAT! Friday I noticed that the one with the mic attached, the left ear wasn’t producing any sound. And the other pair I had for my purse, the cord was already breaking. So…yesterday I picked up two more pairs….what’s that now? Like 10 in less than a year?!

I think part of it might be that I am buying them from dollar stores and stuff. But at the rate that I am going through them, paying more than like $3 is doing to bankrupt me! Both of my new pairs have mics AND volume controls on them which is awesome. Especially for the winter when I don’t feel the need to take my mittens off to change the song on my phone or alter the volume.

I think I have been cursed by the headphones’ God. I don’t know what I did to make it angry but apparently, I have done something.

A Marshmallow World – Dean Martin

Silver Bells – Bing Crosby. Just like Frank, Bing has what I consider to be the perfect voice for Christmas songs. 


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