Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Oooo it’s snowing! 

Today started off rough. I was tired and cranky. Then I went out to get my dad’s Christmas gift and got off at the wrong bus stop. Coming home, the bus was late so there were soooo many people waiting. The bus actually broke down so the people from that bus also had to get onto the new bus they sent. It wasn’t great. It was windy, which made it bitterly cold. I was exhausted.

Then I got to work. When I walked into the house, the smell of freshly made sweet breads hit me square in the face. The Grandmother of this family was there with another lady baking up a storm. Omg it smelled amazing.

Then the kids got home. For the most part, it was great. But being tired and cranky, a few things annoyed me more than they should have. Then after dinner, we all went to a high school talent show. This family that I work with houses up to 10 international students and one of them was in the talent show. We got there literally just in time. We walked in half way through a guy singing and the next act was the one we went for.

It was GREAT. They danced to THREE BTS songs – a K-pop group. And I acted like a little screaming girl. OMG!! THEIR NEW SONG! THAT’S THE DANCE FROM THE MUSIC VIDEO. I can’t believe it.

Then it was snowing when we left the high school. Oh so beautiful! While driving back to the house, the mom asked if she could drop me and the babysitter off at different corners to make our trip home easier, but both of us had left our purses at the main house. We got there, and then the mom remembered that she had to pick up the student’s lunches from the guest house. Since she was driving back over there (and would be picking up her husband at the same time) she drove me 3/4 of my way home! Which is the whole hill that I have to walk up every night.

It was awesome! I got dropped off just where the ground levels off, and only had a 3 minute or less walk to my house. In the gently falling snow. Which crunched when you walked, but also which formed a roll on my shoe haha. But that’s ok! I have tomorrow off and plan to just sit in sweatpants and my new slippers all day watching Netflix and eating pizza.

Baby it’s cold outside – my 3rd all time favourite Christmas song. I love it, and all its different renditions. This video is just so cute. A few of the words have been changed to fit the bubble-gum image of the video but that’s ok. 

We Three Kings


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