A little help to get through the holiday season. 

I guess I’ve been trying out a lot of new things lately (wait for this weekend when I have a chance to finally try out my UV nail polish! EEEPPP so excited). The newest thing is called Honey. It’s another Chrome browser add-on, just like Grammarly from a previous post.

I added Honey when I added Grammarly, but today was the first day that I was able to try it out. What Honey does is to scan the internet for coupons for whatever site you are using at the time.

I was shopping for my mom’s Christmas gift. I usually default to clothes for her since she doesn’t really get a chance to go out and shop a lot. Plus, what woman doesn’t like getting new clothes?! Clothes are life.

I was on a website that I generally use to shop for my mom’s clothes. Nothing fancy, but definitely keeping her out of the “60-year-old kindergarten teacher who wears oversized sweaters with kittens on it” category. Once I was done shopping, I noticed that the Honey icon on my browser had a number 7 beside it. I clicked on it, and it showed me 7 different coupon codes that had worked previously for this site. I found one for 20% off and typed it into the “apply coupon” space.

Coupon code not found.

Well, dang it! Honey said it worked 45 minutes ago. It could be an American code, not a Canadian one. I’m not sure if Honey only shows codes for where you are living? But then I just went to the next code. Again, it was 20% off. This time it worked! WOO HOO! It covered more than the cost of taxes and shipping, so that’s pretty great!

It made my day just getting that little bit off of my total checkout number. Every little bit helps! You also apparently get cash back with this program as well but I haven’t used it enough to fully understand that yet.

If you want to join Honey, click this link 😉 joinhoney.com/ref/xl0diw


2 thoughts on “Honey

  1. I just Google search for coupons before I place an online order anywhere. I can’t remember the last time I bought anything without a discount! I bought my kids’ new winter coats this year…. $70 each… with discounts that brought the total down to $45 for BOTH coats. 🙂 Score!

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