This morning I awoke to a strange glow in my living room…

While sleepily thinking “oh no….aliens!” I looked around the corner to see that my tv was on. My landlord had told me that this does happen sometimes, but this was the first I had ever experienced it.

My brother thinks that because it is a Samsung, the remote upstairs might have turned it on.  I remember turning it off last night but could still hear the TV upstairs. It happens sometimes at my brother’s house. His roommate has two Samsung TV’s and since the remotes are bluetooth (or so he says) they can sometimes turn each other on (no dirty jokes here). So that could possibly be what had happened. The signal from the upstairs TV connected to my TV.

Thankfully, my TV isn’t connected to cable or anything so there was no sound coming from the speakers. It just has Chromecast. I had never heard of it until I moved it, but it’s pretty sweet. The TV isn’t a smart TV, but the Chromecast allows you to stream on the TV from your computer or phone or tablet. So far I only have it working on my phone, but that is totally ok. It means I can keep my laptop closed and just watch Netflix on the big TV but still control it from the phone. It’s pretty awesome. I have started using it all the time.

Another new technology that I have started using is Grammarly. So far, I don’t think it has really helped me all that much, but it’s still nice to have. Grammarly is an add-on app for Chrome, and it acts as a proofreader for anything that you are writing. Once added onto your browser, it works on any web page where you will be writing (Facebook, emails, WordPress, etc.) Not only does it catch spelling mistakes, but it also catches plagiarism, sentence structure mistakes, and basic grammar errors. It’s free, but there is an upgrade to catch even more mistakes. The basic download only covers Chrome, but you can also download (for free) extensions for Microsoft Word, Office, or one that will cover all Microsoft products. Again, this is just the basic check.

I like using it because it will show me why it thinks a sentence is wrong and gives me suggestions on how to fix it. It’s more in-depth than the program automatically installed in Word, and I like that it catches my mistakes here on WordPress. It also tells you how many more mistakes it would be able to fix if you were to upgrade. The perfectionist in me will continue to suppress the urge to know what those mistakes are.

The only thing with Grammarly that you need to be careful with, is that if you have added youtube videos to your WordPress post, then click the button to make all the changes suggested by Grammarly, the videos will be gone when you return to the original document. I’m not sure why…but it happened to me yesterday.

Feliz Navidad – Jose Feliciano

Mary did you know – Mark Lowry. Not only does Mark Lowry have a beautiful singing voice, but he is a pretty famous Christian comedian. He also makes parodies of other songs which, agian, are hilarious. 


8 thoughts on “Technologies

  1. Please feel free to delete this comment…I’m ONLY commenting because of the subject matter, grammarly totally fumbled the ball…2nd paragraph, first sentence, it will show ME why it thinks ( autocorrected to my) and last post I noticed your videos had all doubled up. Maybe they didn’t disappear after all, so when you added them back it caused them to show up twice? Lol, ugh, technology!!!

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    • Haha! Grammarly only works if I allow it to make the changes, it doesn’t automatically change things for me, so the grammar mistake could possibly be my own doing. But thank you 🙂 I will go and change it haha. And thank you about the videos as well!! I did put the links in twice since I thought that they had disappeared. I will change that as well 🙂

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  2. I’ve heard about Grammarly but I’ve never used it. I never write in Chrome, though… never write my posts in WordPress… I write in Word and then copy/paste into WP. I’ve had WP crash mid-post and I wanted to cry! So I haven’t written original posts within WP since. I could try the version for Word, maybe… Of course, it will probably try to correct me every time I use ellipses… which I do constantly… and don’t want to stop… because I like them… 😀

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