This week has been full of doing adult things. 

Most specifically, yesterday I signed up for tenants insurance. My parents have wanted me to do it for every single place I have lived in, but this is the first time I actually have done it. Probably because I have moved for a job, and this is now my home not just a temporary 8-month stay.

I was expecting it to be super expensive and complicated to set up. But it wasn’t. I actually used the first place that I called. I know that probably isn’t the best way to do it, but it was with my former car insurance provider. I know that they have home insurance, so I called to see if they also would be able to provide renters insurance. I wanted to use them if possible since they offer discounts when you bundle a car and home insurance together.

I called, and after about a 40-minute conversation I was all set up! And it’s only $40 a month! I am covered for lots of things, including bear attacks, so my mind is at ease. The guy on the phone explained everything to me and even explained a few of the extras that he would recommend putting into the package. One thing we added on was additional water/sewage coverage. Since I’m in a basement apartment, there is a higher risk of water damage so I agreed that it was a good thing to add on.

And now I feel like a functioning adult! I even have a plant to look after!! It’s not mine, but it’s beautiful! It’s a hibiscus, so I feel like I’m in Hawaii (even though I’ve never actually been to Hawaii). It belongs to my landlord’s mother. She is so sweet and concerned about it not adding any extra responsibility on me. But it’s all good. It even has flowers on it! Right now there is one flower fully open, and two that are just about to open up. It’s lovely.

Advent songs for today:

Angels We Have Heard On High – I selected a Penatonix version today. I love them so much but didn’t want to use them more than once over advent. But it was the best version I could find of this song! For those who don’t know Pentatonix, they are a fully acapella group. All sounds are created using only their own bodies. 


Hallelujah – a definite Lenord Cohen classic, but around Christmas, this version always manages to surface. The version I wanted to leave here has been muted on Youtube and only the video remains, so here is a worship service version. 


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