It’s about to get real in here!

Real Christmasey that is!

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Happy December my beautiful Giggling Followers! I am so excited that it is finally December. I love December. It’s the first little bit of winter when I’m not angry at the slush (wait until March!) and I am all happy with the snow and the cold.

Yesterday, whilst at the dollar store I picked up an advent calendar. I wasn’t planning on it, but they were just sitting there with cute little designs on them!


6:30am piece of chocolate? Yes please!


Today also marks the start of my musical advent calendar. Every day until Christmas Eve I will be posting two Christmas songs for your enjoyment and to help you get into the Christmas mood. Just a heads up, these are all songs that I like, and that make me happy. If you suggested songs for the list, I will make sure to add that info when the song is posted.

I will be saving my two all time favourite songs until the very last day, so please be patient for them! I know a few of you have already requested one of the songs. It is coming! Moving forward, there won’t be a special post for the songs, they will just be tucked in with regular posts. But I have set up a “2016 Musical Advent Calendar” category if you want to be directed to the posts with the songs in them.

The two songs we have today are:

Rocking Around The Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee 


All I want for Christmas is Steven – Yes ok, not exactly a classic Christmas song. I follow this person on Facebook (Laura Clery) and she posts these “flirting” videos which are just lots and lots of hilariously bad pickup lines. This character is called Helen, who wants to smash Steven. Poor Helen…she just can’t get her man. It’s totally crude, so be prepared. She does have other more PG characters that she does, but Helen is by far the best.

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