Enforcing female stereotypes

I want to die. I have become One of those girls.

You know the kind – the ones that need a man to do everything for them?

So I moved into this great apartment on Sunday. It is now Tuesday evening. Since moving in Sunday afternoon, I have kept the blinds open in my bedroom. Monday I was greeted with an amazing sunrise of pink hues out the windows. This afternoon, a person I didn’t know was raking up the backyard around 1:30 (it was the care giver for the mom living upstairs). With a full view of my bedroom.

I have tried to close the blinds. They are Venetian blinds, the ones that are supposed to be super easy to lower. Just pull the cords and down they go!


That is not how they work! What happens is, I spend three days pulling the cords every which way, sometimes tugging so hard I think it will dislodge the blinds from the wall. Do they lower? No.

My dad offers the advice “pull it to the bottom middle of the window” so the next time I was in my bedroom I tried that. Again nothing!!

So tonight, I was like “if people are going to be in the backyard, I need to get these blinds dealt with. I pulled and I tugged. It was 9:30 and I decided to text my landlord. I know! Sad, pathetic, almost 30 years old, can’t even lower blinds by herself! I covered the real intent of needing help by asking about garbage days and where to put my garbage.

My landlord said to pull to the right, so I go and it doesn’t work. He offers to come down and I said “if you don’t mind” but really I meant “PLEASE HELP ME!!!” *throws herself across her bed sobbing*. He comes down, I (of course) apologise saying I didn’t want to break them! He’s in my bedroom no more than 5 seconds and the blinds are down.


I am a disgrace….

9 thoughts on “Enforcing female stereotypes

  1. Oh no! They’re obviously trick blinds meant to help the landlord with his secret feelings of insecurity when he swoops in to save the day 😉 see, it’s not so bad, you were just helping build someone’s confidence 😉

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    • Haha! I just hope he doesn’t think that it was just me being all “ooo come down to my apartment ;)” because most definitely NOT. lol. I tried to raise one side just a tiny tiny bit this morning and it lowered back down just fine.

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