Day One

I can’t feel my legs

Sweet baby Jesus – I am exhausted. It was my first day at work today and now I am ready for sleep.

The morning was all good, I tried to sleep in but the people up stairs are up early. Like 7-730ish. This will be good once I actually get some classes to teach (my first class this week is FRIDAY morning…) Next week I have all five 7:30am slots filled but that’s it. At least I know I won’t be waking anyone up with my “Hello! How are you today?! Let’s sing a song!” in the bubbliest voice that ever bubbled. Usually with a finger puppet on my finger.

I organised my kitchen today. I have literally never had a kitchen or a full sized fridge all to myself before. I must have moved my oven mitts 3 times before settling on “the right drawer” for them haha. My suitcases are still packed though. Well like half packed. I might tackle them tomorrow.

Work started at 3. Google maps says it takes 15 minutes to walk from my house to the house I work at. Thinking that Google might have over estimated the speed at which I walk, I left 20 minutes early. It took me only 10 minutes to get there! Sweet deal.

I arrived and got another tour of the house, and was told again what to do. It’s been almost a month since my first trial run so the refresher was definitely helpful. And then the magic started. The kids arrived home from school, homework had to be done, snacking had to be avoided, one off to soccer, the rest wanting to change up their hair (Women of colour I do not envy you your hair. Like I kinda do since my hair has staged a coup against me, but wow, I had no idea the routine that needs to be done on it).

Dinner time arrived, I took only one out of the four children down to the other house for dinner with the dog. Since she had already showered we were able to stay a while and chill out. I was introduced to the family members who live there again and had a really nice chat with two of them. The soccer playing child arrived with the dad, but there wasn’t any rice left from dinner so he wasn’t eating at all. We gathered up the left over food and set off for the main house again. This time with two children and the dog.

We eat dinner at the 2nd house since it is mostly a student house and that means there is less commotion all around. The 4 children, 2 parents, me, plus 7-10 international students eat there. It is prepared, lunches for the 14 in school are prepped and then dinner is served after that. There is usually more than enough to go around! I was even offered a take out container for my own lunch, but I politely declined. This family is doing WAY more for me than any other family would ever do, the least I can do it feed myself breakfast and lunch.

Back at the house, the other children are offered food but there is little left so the mom has cooked a chicken, a stir-fry, and extra plain noodles. 3 international students plus 4 children and mom eat since there wasn’t a lot to eat at the second house. I was offered food but I had an ok amount at the other house.

I wash a few loads of dishes and make sure that the last little bits of homework are finished up. Then walk the 10 minutes back to my house at 9pm. 6 hours felt like a week haha! And the walk is all uphill on the way home so I was literally forcing my feet to move.

The one thing propelling me forward on this hill towards my house was the thought of a shower. I was so excited to try out the rain shower. After trying it out, I’m less excited haha. Let’s just say that it’s not all that I had expected.

So that’s basically the routine – except for other activities thrown in. YMCA once a week, karate once a week, piano once a week. Saturday mornings I’m not sure what is happening but I have already been asked by the kids if I will play games with them. Which of course I will! They remembered the Korean game I taught them the first time I was there and were asking for it tonight as well.

I think this is going to be a good fit. I hope it will be. I probably won’t be posting too much online about it. A previous nanny they had would take pictures of the kids and put them on her Facebook page and talked about parenting styles… she didn’t last too long.

After a week or so I will adjust to the walking and stuff again, since I have spent the last month just sitting on my bed watching Gilmore Girls. But for now, I will just sit with my feet up on this couch, and try to pick something on Netflix to watch that won’t be too long to watch. Maybe within the next 45 minutes I will develop teleportation and I won’t have to actually walk to my bed? Unless someone is offering to come and carry me there?


7 thoughts on “Day One

    • Haha! not so much a compound but it is a very big involved family. Just learned today that the students are all in high school not university lol. and YES I will need tips. All 4 kids are in soccer in the summer. right now its karate


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