Moving Day

The day is here…and I have too much stuff…

I can’t believe I am moving again. I knew it was coming since there is no way I could live where my parents live and have a happy life. There is just no room for growth in this small town. Especially after I gave up teaching. So now is the day for moving!

I have organized and packed all my things, which means I am currently writing in my phone, since my laptop is shut down and in its carry case.

I’m kind of in this middle of excited and nervous! I am so happy to be moving and starting my new job. But also kind of really anxious since thus job, along with my last job, comes with housing. So if it doesnt work out them I’m out of a home again. Although this job is amazing and I really click with the family so hopefully that won’t happen.

But for now, I just have to wait for my dad to get home, and hope that all my stuff fits in their car haha! Some creative tetris will definitely come in handy! I wanted to take as much as I could but also know that I will eventually be moving again and dont want the hassle of packing it all up again.

See you all from the new place! Maybe if I can figure out how to upload a video I can give a little tour 😉

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