Top Secret Information

I’m not sure if I have posted this before, but Le Brother works as a mechanical engineer. He just got a new job and he does things that I don’t understand and won’t even try to explain to ya’ll. Something about drawing plans for something…idk….

Lately, he’s been working on some top secret job. When he was hired 5 years ago at his first engineering company, he had to have a background check which included the entire family. Somewhere there is a little bit of his employment file with my background check in it. The government didn’t find the bodies so I think I’m safe 😉 (I am literally joking – if the government is reading this, THERE ARE NO BODIES)

Yesterday, understandably, I was in a horrible mood. I told him right away about my dog since Le Brother is also my BFF. And he loves my dog too. But he’s been on this secret compound working which means his phone is off or jammed or something. He just can’t receive any messages while he’s there. There is no service. Although he made sure to check in at lunch and after work to see how my baby was doing.

But today, I finally found out what he’s been doing at this “secret compound”. We had quite the interesting conversation via text. I’m the grey bubbles, he’s the white:


*The globe and mail is a Canadian newspaper



insert some other conversations about other non-house hippo things



I’d like to say that it’s just us having a funny day, but in all honesty, about 80% of our conversations follow some sort of sarcastic/ridiculous nature. Unless we are talking about something serious, like my petition to report my former Korean employer (more about that tomorrow).

I love that Le Brother is there to make me laugh and to possibly steal me a house hippo from some secret government compound which is housing said house hippos and keeping them from the general public.

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