Life Lately #26

It’s almost the end of Monday, and I think I can finally write this. 

Life lately has been pretty good. Life today has been horrible.

I don’t have many classes to teach this week. For some reason I haven’t been booked. My first class (so far) is Wednesday and I only have one time slot filled. Since I didn’t have any classes booked, I started my French lessons early. Then my mom asked me to take the dogs out for a walk.

Usually my dad takes them. In the morning they are gone for almost an hour, walking to the post office and other places (it only takes about 30 minutes round trip so I’m not sure where they go or who they see). But today he had an appointment super early so since I didn’t have any classes I took them.

When I walk the dogs, I follow the same route, a big one block by one block square, which takes about 15 minutes. This morning it was particularly nippy out so the shorter walk was perfect. About 3/4 of the way around, my dog, my angel, my baby, stopped to throw up. Now this isn’t a common occurrence but sometimes it happens. He had a lot of water to drink before we left, hadn’t had breakfast yet, and was pulling and tugging on the leash all the way around the block. So he was throwing up a little.

He then takes a little step, pauses, a few “drunk man” stumbles, falls over onto his side and starts convulsing. His legs are shaking, and then he stops. He sits up so he’s flat on the ground and then falls to the other side, again starting to shake. This time his legs go rigid and he starts to cry.

I was freaking out. I couldn’t do anything. My mom’s dog, the Terrorist as I call him, at first was kind of flipping out, then he just got all quiet and laid down. He didn’t know what to do either. All I could do was stroke my dog’s head and let him know that I was there. His episode finished and then he sat up, kind of shook his head to clear it and it was ok.

I picked him up and walked almost the rest of the way home. Then I put him down and he seemed ok. He walked the rest of the 2 minutes home. My heart was racing, but I was calm. I got inside and just broke down – sobbing harder than I even have before trying to tell my mom what had happened. I couldn’t breathe I was crying so hard.

I had an idea in my head. This had happened about 6 years ago with my mom’s old dog. He had heart problems and was 17 years old. It was the end of his life for him. But my dog isn’t even 10 yet. He’s never been sick. My mom’s dog had been sick almost his whole life with a heart condition. But all I could think was that this was now happening to my dog and I was going to lose him. We took him to the vet when my dad got home (about 30 minutes later), and he was fine. He was happy and jumping all over the place. He had blood taken and was such a good boy about it. They say his blood work is fine – no heart problems, or liver or pancreas. He does have a spot on his back where they think maybe a disc slipped in his spine and it pinched a nerve which could have caused this episode (he was out with my mom Thursday night and she tripped on the sidewalk and fell. He yelped but she doesn’t know if she actually hit him or not. She, on the other hand, landed face first onto the sidewalk.)

So now he’s at home and spent the afternoon sleeping. He finally started to eat, and we have some muscle relaxants for him to take for a few days. But he can’t run or jump or play for about 2 weeks. Which means that he can’t sleep on the couch like he always does, and he has to cut back on his walks as well. He can’t even come up and sit with me in my room since that would involve jumping onto and off of my bed. Something he would never let you help him do.

He went out for a short walk with my dad after dinner and was fine, and I have finally gotten over the tears in order to write this. I honestly never thought I would react like that to anything. I’m not a crying person, and usually don’t have that reaction to shock. But with him it’s different. He really is my baby and I can’t even think about it without tearing up (right now included).

I guess the good thing is, that once we were home from the vet and I had calmed down, I was able to go pick up my new glasses. If I was going to have a massive headache from crying (which always happens to me), I might as well add an “eyes adjusting to new glasses” headache to it as well.


8 thoughts on “Life Lately #26

  1. Oh my. Our furbabies are our babies for sure. I know I worry about my cat (and my parents’ dog from time to time) when they aren’t feeling well or are hurting. It’s so hard! It sounds like the vet isn’t too worried and hopefully with some resting, and healing, he will be back to normal soon!

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