Je peux parler Français!

Well not really, but a girl can dream can’t she? 

I have been using Duolingo for 17 days now, and I’m not sure that I am getting any better. At first, I was flying through the skills. Each new lesson only has about 20 questions, and I would use my phone doing sometimes up to 10 lessons a day! I was so proud of myself.

Then I got onto the website and realized there was a “strengthen skills” button. It gives you a mini-lesson based on what you have learned so far with the app. So I tried it and I was so frustrated! I was getting everything wrong! I immediately stopped doing the skills and started only doing this mini-lesson every day. Well, twice a day to get my 20 minutes in.

Now, after about a week of only doing the “strengthen skills” lesson, I think I am starting to get a little better. When I started the app I was at 3% fluency, and now I’m all the way up to 27%!

Whenever you complete a new skill, you get what are called “lingots”. These are little gems within the app. They are fantastic since it’s basically rewarding you for hating how inept you are (at least that’s how it is for me haha!). I’ve earned 46 so far! YAY ME! So today I decided to use them to buy something from the lingot store. There are lots of incentives, like keeping your daily streak frozen for one day of inactivity, or doubling a 5 lingot bet for a certain number of days in a row.

But then I saw it “bonus skills”. Oooooo bonuses!! YES! You only have 3 slots open for bonus skills so you have to be picky about which ones you buy. Right now I had two options: French idioms or flirtingObviously I chose the flirting (goodbye 30 lingots). If I’m going to torture myself through learning French all over again, I might as well get something out of it. Now when I take my next vacation traveling around Europe I will have something to show for it haha.

Au revoir mes amis! À  plus tard! (I actually know what that means!)


21 thoughts on “Je peux parler Français!

  1. I started doing Duolingo too! The masculine/feminine thing and conjugating verbs kills me! I took French for 6 years in school (middle school through HS) and I’m basically inept! That’s pretty pathetic! All I know how to say, I learned from my mom, and that’s all SHE remembers from French class. I’m probably not spelling it correctly, but here goes:
    Mete la tete don le cabain et couche trois times!

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      • HAHA! I’m kinda like that with Spanish…sounds like I’m not very accepting, but I feel like when people move to a country, you learn the language that people speak there. BUT, NO, not in the US. They don’t learn, so we translate for them and now if you’re not somewhat fluent in Spanish, people look at you like you’re not progressive or welcoming.

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        • Ahhh yes. I like how multicultural Canada is, but just cant accept our french background lol. It makes me angry. We dont translate very nuch just get huffy when someone cant speak English well. I wrote a paper in university on the underlying racism in Canada based around language acquisition. Fascinating stuff haha

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            • Basically that while Canada claims to be a multicultural society we force assimilation onto those immigrating here in the form of language acquisition. “Sure you can keep your food and your religion no problem but you best be speaking english while you do it!” Type thing lol i even entered the research into a “poster day” i didn’t win (i did the previois year tho) and got into an argument with a few masters students who said my research wasn’t up to par (obvioisly not since i was an undergrad…..) But it was fun lol

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  2. I used the duolingo app before. Way fun. I was a French major in college. Once fluent but lost it after car accident/brain injury. I do LOVE the language. Miss it so much. It perks my ears everyone I hear French. Living in south Louisiana, I hear it often enough I guess. Best of luck with the French!

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  3. I got a job at Cirque Du Soleil, and Learned French in 6 months. For English speakers, the genders are the most difficult thing because in English it does not exist, only for people and pets.

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  4. This seems like a fun app. Don’t worry too much about grammar mistakes, even french people make them all the time. It’s a really difficult language to master. And the gender only comes with experience, after years of talking because it’s just by heart. Bonne chance !

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  5. Bonjour Gigglingfattie! Comment ta le vous? J’étudie aussi le Français dans Duolingo et j’aime ça! Actually I’m a beginner and I can’t talk much, but I’m doing great so far, I guess kkkk!! Luck for you mon ami.


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