One ring to rule them all

So I have been in the process of slowly getting my butt into gear on this packing thing. I don’t want to leave a lot of it to the last minute. But sometimes I just get distracted.

Like yesterday, when I found this:

It may not look like much, but it connects to a post I wrote back in March called Pictures of the Past. In case you don’t want to read the whole post, I worked at grocery story while I was doing my first undergraduate degree and was smitten with one of the guys (D) who worked there. We had a sassy friendship, and this was our “love ring”.

We were silly and sassy with each other, constantly referring to the other as our boyfriend or girlfriend. Then one day, I was at the mall with some friends of mine and we went into one of those “teen jewelry shops”. You know the ones where you get can 10 pairs of earrings for $10? We were all 20 so it was still something that we loved to buy. On this day, they had goodie bags by the door. You got 2 for $5 and inside there was at least $10 worth of items – usually all junk. I opened my bag and found this little ring inside. It was adjustable and it actually looks like candy in real life. The heart is about the size of my thumbnail.  I wore it to work one day and D walks up to be and says “oooh is this our love ring?” and so that’s what it became. I wore it all the time.

Then the ring broke. The heart just detached from the band so I kept the heart. I couldn’t throw away our love ring! I put it into my makeup bag at the time. It had a little zipper pocket made of mesh so I could see it whenever I opened the makeup bag, which I used every day. Now the bag is just there for when I move or go on vacation or something. It fits all my toiletries and things so it’s perfect. I found it this morning to make sure I knew where it was for when I have to pack up all that stuff next weekend, and there was the heart. Just sitting in the mesh pocket. I’m glad that I still have it. I was actually kind of sad back in March thinking that I had thrown it away. But now it’s forcing me to think about how things were way back then, and wondering once more what D is up to – and hoping that he’s happy.


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