I am sure that you all know there is a new Harry Potter world book coming out. With that, Harry Potter everything is showing up everywhere. 

Or it could just be that I am addicted to Harry Potter now and so my web browser knows what to show me to entice me to visit different websites. I have to admit right up front though, that I have no interest in this branching off of the main books thing that is happening right now.

I understand that this new Fantastic Beast movie happens before the actual Harry Potter movies, but to me it’s like what happened with the Star Wars franchise. The first 3 movies were released to the world and they were amazing. Who doesn’t love Harrison Ford? But then the next 3 were released and it was like bleh. Jarjar Binks anyone? And now..NOW there are even more movies coming out. Well I’m over it Star Wars. Ya should have stopped after the first trilogy and left it at that.

This is how I feel about the new Harry Potter things coming out. I loved the first installation so much that I don’t want to be let down by the rest coming out. BUT I do appreciate all the new quizzes that have popped up – especially on Buzzfeed. I have learned so much like my dog is a Hufflepuff just like me (or like I was until the new sorting came out and now I’m a Ravenclaw no matter how I change my answers on quizzes). I have discovered that Lucius Malfoy is my “magical sugar daddy”, and that based on my favourite Friends character I am Draco Malfoy (apparently I’ve got a little bit of Slytherin in me as well…) Basically I am being sucked back into this world, and have the incredible urge to find the box of books which contains my hard copies of the books, unpack all the way to the bottom of the box just to get them, and start reading them again.

This morning I came across this post 15 Greatest Tumblr Posts You’ll Appreciate If You’re a Potterhead. Of course, I had to click on it and read it! It was actually pretty great! Although I do have a few questions:

  1. When did this musical come out and why have I NEVER heard of it before? I am resolved to watch it this afternoon
  2. Who is the person who thought up “Potter Puppet Pals” and can we PLEASE be friends?

Check out this video, “rated PG-13 for language and boyish attitude”

I am going to spend the rest of the day watching these. I love not having anything else to do!


2 thoughts on “Potterheads

  1. I disagree with you on the Star Wars front Episode 3 is my favourite but hey everyone is allowed their own opinion! Oh and I saw that exact same post yesterday as well and had the same reaction to the musical thing so don’t worry you are not the only one. Although I haven’t yet had time to watch it myself yet. And YES YES YES to the puppet pals it’s been ages since I watched them but they are still as awesome! I’m actually off to watch fantastic beasts later but don’t worry you will hear no spoilers from me or my blog

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    • Lol i enjoyed the second trilogy for Star Wars when it first came out, for someone who had no interest in the written mateiral it was good background for me 🙂 annnd oooo let me know how you like the movie! I have found the musical online and will be watching it this afternoon i think. Once i tear myself away from the puppets lol oooo the puppets

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