6am wake up calls

Image result for royalty free images angry at alarm

So the picture might be a little bit over dramatic but I have to say I hate my alarm clock. Sure it’s a nice soft melody (the Harry Potter theme actually) which doesn’t jolt you awake but I hate hearing it every morning.

When I lived in Korea, I only used my alarm when I had an early morning dentist appointment. And even then, I was usually awake before the alarm went off. I was always up early in Korea. But in Canada, my body hates waking up early.

But, I have learned my lesson and will no longer be teaching English classes so early. Aside from the loathing and swears I have for my alarm each morning, there have been a few good things that have happened with this 6am nonsense:

  1. I am up, finished teaching, and ready for the day by 9 – allowing me to do a French lesson and blog things all before 10.
  2. With my extra time in the morning I have been able to file a complaint over my Korean boss with “The Korean Black List” which should be up in a few days, AND a petition with the Labor Board to get the money owed to me. It has been accepted and is currently being processed! YES!
  3. I have turned into a Hobbit – breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, dessert (read: never eating a full meal and snacking all day long)
  4. I get to spend my days watching Gilmore Girls and Disney movies

I had my first ever “student no show” today. He cancelled the class sometime over night Ontario time but since it was less than 24 hours notice, I still get paid for it. And someone cancelled for tomorrow so today has been my very last 6am wake up! THANK GOODNESS!

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