Moving Excitement!

I have seen the apartment I am to move into, and I am impressed! 

Because this job is technically a “live-in” position, the family that has hired me is providing me with my own space. As a “live-in” I generally have this idea of Fran Drescher from the tv show The Nanny (omg I love that show!) living in a room in the same house as the family. That was all I was expecting.

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But this family is not the normal, run of the mill, live-in situation.

As I have mentioned before, this family has a LOT going on! Two houses to care for, 4 children (12-7), a dog, 2 birds, 4 male Asian students living in the main house, 3-4 female students living in the 2nd house, Granny and Auntie D living in the 2nd house. Plus the extra activities for the children (choir, piano, YMCA days). That’s a LOT.

I saw an empty bedroom on my first visit to the family in the main house, and thought that might be where I would be staying (I was later informed that only the male students live in the main house, females in the 2nd house). But my recruiter told me that they would be providing a “fully furnished apartment around the corner” aka: the 2nd house. So then my mind decided I would be in one of the student rooms in the 2nd house.

Well my friends, I was wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

The 2nd house is full right now (with 3 female students plus Granny and Auntie D) so I am to live in an apartment “off campus” as they say. I went to see that yesterday and to meet the people living in the house.

It’s in the basement of a house, which is owned by a client of the dad’s (the dad is a chiropractor). I will be there until at least the summer, but possibly for a year or more. Let me paint a picture for you:

I have my own private entrance at the side of the house. When you go in the door, there is a little landing with the choice to go up a small flight of stairs, or down. Upstairs is the owner of the house (a frail sweet old lady (95% sure she was speaking Italian) and her 50-60 year old son live there) and downstairs is my place.

Going down the stairs you walk right into a FULL kitchen. Oven, dishwasher, full sized fridge, lots of counter space and storage. To the right is the full sized bedroom. Bigger than the master bedroom that my parents have here in Huron County. It has a bed and a couch, and a brand new wall unit to hold all my stuff plus more cos I don’t have that much stuff!!

Take a right once you are in the bedroom and there is the bathroom, which is split into TWO parts. The first a RAIN SHOWER AND WALL JETS plus a sink all with rock walls. Almost identical to this:

Image result for rain shower and wall jets

image provided via google

Keep going through the door and there is the toilet. Which has a second door into the main area/kitchen. So it’s one big loop.

Now that we are back where we started, in the kitchen, to the LEFT is a sitting room. Two large couches with a TV on the wall. All staying there for me to use. And there is currently a 72inch hole half way up one wall. That is where an electric fire place is going. A. Wall. Fireplace.

I asked about internet and if I needed to get my own, that is a nope, the house has WIFI and they just upgraded to something amazing. I was asked if I wanted to have all the furniture moved out – again a nope. If I don’t have to move my bed that is the most fantastic thing. And it’s really the only furniture that I have. I have a bookcase that my dad built for me when I was 2ish which I have just repainted every time I’ve changed my bedroom colour. But it’s bright yellow so it can stay in my bright yellow bedroom at my parent’s house. There is also a nightstand daddy built (yeah I know I’m a spoiled little princess) which is also yellow but only about 10 years old. Once while moving it, I found an inscription inside under the flat top that my dad wrote in it for me while he was making it. Gah amazing.

So anyways that is the place where I will be moving. There is a little laundry closet as well and once a week, the sweet old lady and her care giver will come down to do laundry but other than that, it’s all my space. I will be there until Granny and Auntie D move in about a year and then I will get their “in-law suite” which has a sitting room (couch/tv/chair), a private bathroom, and at least one bedroom. And possibly a kitchenette hidden in there too. But I’m not 100% sure I didn’t go snooping when I was meeting Granny lol. Plus I didn’t realize that her space would eventually be my space.

This is turning out to be sweeter than I ever imagined. Although this first apartment is at least a 20 minute walk to the main house. In the winter that might be a rather chilly walk, but I am Canadian so I will suck it up.

Truly blessed.


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