Dusk Driving

I have determined that I should never be allowed to drive at dusk under a time limit. 

Driving at dusk means LOTS of amazing photograph opportunities. As I was driving home tonight from Toronto, since I had to drop off my rental car, I wasn’t driving home my regular way. It was actually a way I have never gone before but Lola, my trusty GPS, made sure I got to the right place.

As I was driving along these great country highways, the sun way setting just off to the side and there was a slight fog settling in on the fields. It was the most beautiful thing! I had to resist the urge to pull over every 2-3 minutes to take pictures.

A few things were stopping me like the fact that I only had my cell phone, and not my digital camera. But the real reason was that I had to meet my dad at the car rental place at 5:30 because my parents were holding dinner for me! Ooooo man! If I didn’t have that time limit I would have spent a good 30 minutes stopping every few kilometers to take photos. Farm land, old country churches, the road, a little cabin settled off to the side of a farm house surrounded by trees – it was all so amazing. Not as amazing as the apartment that I saw today, but we’ll save that for another time.

Once I was in Exeter, I dropped off the rental car and started back with my dad for dinner. On the way home, we got to see the AUH-MAZING moon. Apparently it’s a “thing” with the moon tonight. It’s a full moon plus it’s the closest to the earth as it ever gets in its rotation or something. I’m not really sure. All I know is that the moon was HUGE and this amazing burnt orange colour. Since I was no longer driving, I tried to get a few pictures of it as we were driving down the highway but alas, my phone doesn’t take very great “pointed out the passenger side window -reflecting off the glass-can’t zoom that far” pictures. At least I got to see it with my eyes!


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