Sunday Morning Lazy

What does one do when they are awake at 6:30 Sunday morning, to teach just one English class from 7:30-8am? 

Well they spend their time on Buzzfeed that’s what!

I am exhausted but can’t get back to sleep, so I took this quiz: Which Hogwarts house does your dog belong to?

Of course, just like me, my dog was placed into Hufflepuff! Super proud of him!

You got: Hufflepuff

Your pupper is a Hufflepuff — or shall we say, Hufflepup? Teehee! Hufflepup! How adorable Buzzfeed! Affectionate and sweet, your dog is a total lovebug who loves being around people. Anytime you need a cuddle buddy, you know exactly who to turn to!

Pink text added 

He, on the other hand, probably couldn’t care less about what which house he belongs to.

not his actual reaction to the news, he is off sleeping somewhere

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