#tweexy discovery

Since I have returned home from South Korea with a manicure addiction, I have been slowly receiving packages in the mail from amazon (after spending an afternoon finding bundles and deals trying to use up my giftcard).

I shared a picture a few weeks ago showcasing the loot that I had received up to that point. Isn’t it beautiful?!

It is missing two packages though. The first, a bundle of gems and tape and dotters and brushes and glass files (that hasn’t arrived yet!), and the second one, a box I didn’t open that first day since it contained this:

Actually it had TWO of them! I bought one for me, and one for the mama for Christmas so shhhh don’t tell her one is hidden in my room for her!

For those not in the know, it’s a Tweexy. I first saw a youtube video for this product and was instantly hooked. Take a look:

Now how fun does that look?! I knew I had to have it!

When I was going through my shopping spree on Amazon back in September, I picked it out and added two to my cart. But I just tried it out yesterday.

I was a little skeptical of how amaze-balls everyone was saying that it was – BUT LET ME TELL YOU! It rocked my socks right off.

First of all, it’s green and squishy. Squishy things are awesome. I’m sure it would have been more awesome in pink but I decided I can’t have everything in pink. It’s soft and comfortable on your fingers. I have size 9-9.5 fingers (ish) and it fit perfectly. The little tabbies on the side were great for getting it on and off but you didn’t really need to use them. My fingers are small enough that it just slid on and off.

The commercial shows it being able to flip over without having the bottle of nail polish come out, and that actually works! I put in a round and a square bottle:



The bottles didn’t come out. Well the round one did but that was because I was showing my mom and violently shaking my hand while it was upside down. “Shake it like a Polaroid picture” violent (hey ya! heeeeeeyyyy ya! ok I’m done). I don’t know about ya’ll, but normal people probably wouldn’t be shaking it around that hard. But if you decide to do that, do it over carpet or something soft to make a nice landing for your polish bottle as you purposely fling it out of the Tweexy.

I used it sitting at the table to do a base coat, and two coats of colour. Then again later while sitting on my bed to do a top coat (needed to test it out in various situations!) And it was great in both locations.

There were a few things that I found out during my inaugural test, just in case you were wondering (let’s just assume you were)

  1. You need to open the bottle a little before putting it into the Tweexy. While the silicone does grip the bottle very well, the force needed to twist open the bottle of polish caused the bottle to rotate in the Tweexy. Same with closing the bottle.
  2. While you can move the hand using the Tweexy around, it is best to have your hand flat out. Especially with a full bottle of polish. I was able to even curl my fingers causing the bottle to be at almost a 90 degree angle while open with no problems, but that was an older bottle of colour that I have used a lot out of. Then I got nervous and a little shaky so I put an end to that.
  3. I suggest wearing the Tweexy on your dominate hand, and on your middle/ring finger. I tried my Tweexy on both hands and on a number of different finger combinations. Having it on my left hand (I’m left handed) and straddling my ring finger and middle finger gave it the most stability. That being said, it really is super easy to switch it from one hand to the other while you are in the middle of painting your nails.
  4. Using the Tweexy does not improve your polish skills – if you (like me) slop polish all over your skin and cuticles without using the Tweexy because you are lazy (like me) and just decide it is easier to clean up the extra polish with a Q-tip and polish remover after it has dried (like me), the same will happen when you are using the Tweexy. 
  5. Going “LOOK DAD!” all excited while swinging a bottle of polish upside down, 4 feet above hardwood floors, will only result in being mocked. Most likely with the phrase “OOoOoooooOOO wow! I’ll add that to my Christmas list! How have I ever lived so long without it?!” …..thanks Dad….

Now if I have convinced you to go out and buy one of these amazing things, you can find them on Amazon and I’m sure probably in a thousand other places. Links for: amazon.ca (currently at $9.99) and amazon.com (also at $9.99). There are also other designs from companies who are not Tweexy but when the real thing is awesome sauce with cherries and sprinkles, and at such a good price, why go off brand?

Happy shopping!

*I am in no way affiliated with Tweexy, just thought I would share*


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