It’s not even 9am yet and I have had enough with technology. Definitely not a 300 Thursday.

It all started when my alarm went off this morning. Now, it going off was a good thing. I needed to get up so I wouldn’t miss teaching my class at 7:30. But it was more the fact that it pulled me out of a nice sleep in my warm bed that was the problem.

One amazing bit of technology is my coffee maker. I can program it so that when I go to bed, it’s all set up for the morning. When I get downstairs, it’s already half full of coffee and that makes the day great.

I got to my computer at my regular time. Signed into my class, uploaded the slides, clicked through them, and then got changed into my orange shirt for my lesson. I decided to play a song for my student. A wonderful song which will now be stuck in my head all day. It’s majorly bubble gum so click this link if you are into that sort of thing (Sandra: Don’t click the link! I’ve already tormented you with it). Next time maybe I’ll go for some Disney? I play it on my phone and just lay the headphones next to my phone speakers. I hope that it works. Today was my first time trying it! But before I started I could hear the student on the other side so I knew they were there.

Then it was time to start the class, the song had ended and I went to turn on my webcam to see the student. I couldn’t click. I tried to use the chat function in the portal, it didn’t work! I got a message saying my plug-in had crashed! OH NO! So I quickly jump into my skype program and tell the “firemen” that I had to restart and that I would be right back. I close out my browser, get back in. It worked! I can type and click things!

I turn on my webcam, I say “Hello!!” The student turns on their webcam and I see his cute little face! I see his lips moving but no sound! So I tell him I can’t hear him! I show him via my webcam to check his headphones and try again. He restarts, I restart. He is talking to his watch which sends me a message in English “Teacher please wait” and the screen goes blank. Smart watches – I love them!

I am trying to call the “Firemen” through the portal no one is picking up. The firemen are the ones who help with tech issues but they could have been busy haha. Finally! After 10 minutes we have sound!! Now we are 10 minutes into our 25 minute lesson. I can go to 28 minutes but that’s the cut off. I tell this adorable little boy we will go fast.

And fast we went! We skipped the first song (saddness ya’ll! I love to sing!) and then skipped a few other slides. I feel like I talked more than I should have and we didn’t practice as much as we should have. But we finished on time! I was able to sing the last song, which was to the tune “the wheels on the bus” but the words didn’t fit. He didn’t get a chance to sing with me but I think he was ok with that. I hope I gave him all 5 stars for the lesson cos he rocked it with all our difficulties.

I teach him again tomorrow I think so let’s hope for a better connection! He was, however, the first student to be using a real computer and not a mobile device. So we were able to use the chat function on the side which helped a lot with the tech problems.

And now on WordPress, when I visit other blogs I used to have a “new post” button at the top. But alas, it is no longer there! Anyone else having the same issue?

What a morning already! Glad I have nothing else planned for the rest of the day haha.

6 thoughts on “Testing….1…2…3?

  1. “Sandra: Don’t click the link!” Hahahaa 😀

    I never pay attention to the “new post” button because it goes directly into the new editor, which I loathe, so I always go into WP Admin and add posts from there. However… I do see that button when I’m on my own blog… not when I’m on yours (or anyone else’s). But if that’s different than how it used to be, I wouldn’t even notice…!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol well you said it would make your ears bleed a few days ago so I didn’t want to subject you to that again and so early in the day. I got you boo 😉

      And hmmms..maybe they just updated their website again? It’s not a horrible thing, just an inconvenience lol. Oh wells. I have my dashboard as my bookmark so I just have to click the add new post button there. Easy fix!

      Liked by 1 person

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