Dear Americans

With the world waking up to the aftermath of last night, there are tons of questions that are being posted for America. I thought I’d get in early in hopes that someone, anyone, could answer the following questions: 

  1. Why are Kinder Eggs illegal? Like sure I heard it’s because of the small pieces inside, but they are literally in a plastic capsule – I don’t get it. Image result for royalty free images kinder eggs
  2. Why do you call these Smarties? They are clearly rockets. Image result for royalty free images rockets candy
  3. Do you call these Smarties as well?Image result for royalty free images smarties chocolate
  4. Why couldn’t the new season of Gilmore Girls come out today? I think we all need a little Stars Hollow in our lives right now.
  5. Can we all promise to make #Michelle2020 happen?



43 thoughts on “Dear Americans

  1. 1. Never heard of them.
    2. Don’t know… they’ve always been Smarties to me.
    3. Don’t even know what these are.
    4. Hell yes.
    5. Hell yes. (Not sure she’ll go for it though…)
    6. Oh… there is no number 6. Excuse my messed up head. I have to go and vomit now.


  2. I never heard of Kinder eagles before. Smarties have always befuddled me as to why they were called smarties. Maybe a utilitarian name, like sugary little discs would be better. 😀 After 8 years of Barack, I think I could use more recovery time. How about 2040? 😉


    • Quite possibly! Apparently the immigration website crashed 2-3 times last night. But I don’t really blame them. What a horrible decision. I really hope that his advisers keep him in check and that the next four years won’t be as terrible as everyone is predicting.

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      • I have a differing opinion. He isn’t my first choice. But, not Hillary. Crossing my fingers for the next four years. Hoping they will be smooth and productive and honest. And the predictions are wrong.


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