All before noon

It’s always fun when days fill up and you feel like you have accomplished so many things before lunch time. 

This morning I had my second English class. Once again it was at 7:30 and I have come to realize that I definitely do not want to be teaching any time earlier than 7:30. Which still gives me 3 classes per day and I can get the 15 required classes for this online company in just 5 days. Pretty sweet. Except next week all my time slots are full so I will have to do a few days at 7am but not after haha.

I also had an eye appointment. My normal optometrist in an hour and a half drive away so I decided to book an appointment where my parents live. An hour and a half drive vs less than a 3 minute walk. I took the walk.

Good news: the doctor said that my eyes are perfect! That is all the stuff inside my eyes. I literally can’t see without my glasses. He did this thing where he puts drops in your eyes to dilate the pupils, which I’ve never done before. He said my pupils got “freakishly large” so there’s that haha. My prescription had changed a little bit, but I feel like I need new glasses so I picked out new glasses.

Now for anyone who has ever had those drops in your eyes, you know that you can’t see things close up. Far away is fine, just not close up, for at least an hour. But I am near sighted, which means I can only see things close up. Making the task of trying on new frames a HUGE challenge. Looking at the wall of frames was fine – I found lots of designs I liked. But then I had to take off my regular glasses and put on the new frames, get as close to the mirror as possible but not be able to focus since my pupils were “freakishly large”. *sigh* I did try taking a picture with my phone and then looking at my phone with my regular glasses on. Not much help there.

But I did manage to settle on a pair! I wanted to get some really funky colour design but I went by myself and wasn’t confident about the frames. I chose a nice simple black plastic frame (honestly very similar to what I have now) I usually take the mother with me since she is a good voice to have in such decisions. I guess it is a good “adult” activity to do by myself…I focused mainly on the rack of “sunglasses included” glasses which rocks! The frames I eventually settled on have sunglasses that just magnetize onto the frames – no more switching glasses to prescription sunglasses while driving! (Note: that is not a fun thing to do with my bad vision….very dangerous) And no ugly clips to deal with.

Let’s just hope that they look as good next week when they come in as they did in my mind this morning! HAHA

The second thing that happened before lunch was: I GOT OFFERED THE JOB! The one I wrote about on Monday! So HAPPY! So I have checked schedules here and have arranged it with my famjam to relocate on the 20th. I have sent an email to both my recruiter and the host family I will be living with suggesting that date and am awaiting confirmation. Which means I will be working there starting the 21st.

Guys I am so excited!!! I had an interview (secret from my recruiter) last night for Ottawa which is where I would rather live, but immediately felt that it was not the job for me. This job that I have accepted is the best fit for me I think possible. It allows me to keep doing my English lessons for as long as I want AND get to work with kids. Just need to keep brushing up on that French! But the family is amazing and so kind and welcoming and the kids are great and apparently they really liked me, and think I will be patient but firm with them. Hopefully I can live up to their expectations.


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